15 Benefits Of Red Bell Pepper For Skin, Hair And Health

Red bell pepper belongs to the capsicum family and are called so as they are bell shaped. They have a crisp flesh and are mildly sweet in taste. They are found all around the world but are said to be origins in America and Mexico. Basically red pepper is a type of vegetable and are used in many different types of dishes.

Some Of The Health Benefits Of Red Pepper Are Given Here:

Good For Eyesight

As bell pepper is high in , they help to support healthy eye, especially when you are considering night view. They are rich in lutein which helps in lowering the risk of degeneration of the eyes, which is the main reason related to the ageing and losing visual efficiency. Other than that red bell pepper also helps in keeping your eye safe from cataracts.

Calorie Burner

Red bell pepper helps in increasing the metabolic rate of the body by activating thermogenesis. They tend to increase the hotness of bell pepper as they have little bits of capsicum present in them. In a way they tend to increase the thermogenic rate and the metabolism of the body without effecting the heart rate and blood pressure.


As red bel pepper is rich in anti-oxidants and other anti-inflammatory nutrients they have several benefits against cancer. One of the main reason of cancer to increase in the body is due to the excessive of inflammation and unwanted oxidative stress in the body. These factors can be reduced by regular intake of bell pepper which contains healthy Sulphur compounds.

Healthy Heart

Red Pepper contains lycopene which is very good for the heart. Increase in the level of homocysteine results in higher risks for the heart, bell pepper which contains vitamin B6 helps in lowering the levels of homocysteine in order to reduce the risk. Other than that they have a huge source of and A which helps in getting rid of the free radicals in the body.


Red Bell pepper contains vitamin C which helps in maintaining healthy immune system of the body and build strong the joints and the skin. In addition to the they contain vitamin k which is important for the protection of the cell and help body from oxidative damages.

Treats Deficiency Of Iron

Vitamin C is very essential for the body. As red bell pepper is rich in vitamin C it helps a lot a lot in the absorption of iron. Therefore, if you have a deficiency of iron red pepper is must in their diet.

Balancing The Body

Red bell pepper is rich in potassium which helps the body to keep all the fluid and minerals in a balanced proportion. It helps to regulate the blood pressure and muscle functioning.

Cure For Disorders

Red bell pepper is a cure for many diseases like ulcer, dyspepsia and diarrhea. Other than that it also helps in curing some of the respiratory diseases like asthma and infections in the lungs. If you are suffering from nose bleeding or sore throat drinking a glass of pepper juice might do the dead.

Healthy Growth Of Hair

Red bell pepper is natural in helping the growth of hair and is highly effective in curing hair loss. They help in circulating blood at an improved level which is very important for proper growth of hair.

Strength To Hair

One of the major reasons why red bell pepper is good for the hair is that it is rich in Vitamin C which is essential for hair health. The process works in a way that vitamin C is important for the absorption of iron which help in enough iron in the RBC which again helps in carrying oxygen to the follicles hair.

Fights Oxidative Effects

Red bell pepper as is rich of vitamin C helps I production of collagen which keeps the skin firm and protects the cells from damage.

Healthy Skin

Anti-oxidants present in the red bell pepper helps in making the skin healthy and look youthful.

Signs Of Ageing

Consuming the juice of red bell pepper might help you to get rid of the free radicals in the body and make your skin look younger.

Clears Rashes

A mixture made out of red bell pepper and carrot ca helps in making the skin get rid of rashes and blemishes.

Nutrient Value

This vegetable a huge source of vitamin A, vitamin C and B6. Other than that it is power house of folate, antioxidants, vitamin K and .

Red peppers re also used to make the dish look delicious and lovely. They are not only delicious and make food look good, this veggie is a storehouse packed of nutrients.

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