15 Negative Calorie Foods That Make The Body Lean And Healthy

Negative calorie simply means that the particular food burns more calories in the process of digestion than possibly it itself has. These foods are very low in calories or are zero calorie foods and hence do not contribute to body fat, also, these foods burn the calories stored in the body in the digestion process.

Here Are The 15 Negative Calorie Foods That Make The Body Lean And Healthy:


This vegetable contains high amounts of water and is a diuretic that helps in eliminating toxins from the body and cleanses it well. It contains large amounts of minerals, especially folate and reduces swelling and bloating in the body and also helps in reducing weight due to its negative calorie content.


These are mostly made up of water, burning more calories than they contain and do much more to the health than just adding hydration to the body. They increase the resistance power of the body.


Its 75% water and rest fiber. Which means it is great for weight loss as it contains negative calories. Its juice is great to drink post workouts as it replaces the lost electrolytes of the body.

Green Apples

These are full of fiber and keep the body satiated for a long period of time. These are low in glycemic index and help in shedding extra pounds.


Tomatoes are rich in and lycopene that gives the tomato its red color and the immense diseases fighting capacity. Not only is it good for the heart, cholesterol and sugar, it contains very few calories and helps in weight loss.


The per gram content of calories in papaya is very less. It keeps the stomach full and also has immense benefits like high antioxidant power, vitamin C, E and A, and also loads of fiber to aid in keeping the body healthy.

It is one vegetable which makes the body work hard to break its calories and hence in this process, uses the fat in the body to burn for energy. It contains 25 calories in 100 gms and does not add calories to the body, in addition, contains vitamins C and K, and large amounts of fiber to aid in losing weight.


These hot burning foods burn and melt away the excess calories and induce weight loss. They contain capsaicin, that burns fat and accelerates the metabolism and hence they start burning calories immediately after we eat them. They contain very few calories and also keep the stomach full.


Coffee is thermogenic and converts the body fat into energy and hence adds to weight loss. A cup of coffee contains 2 calories if had on its own, without adding sugar, or milk. Plain black coffee could be the best aid to weight loss as it gives an instant energy boost. Care should be taken to limit the caffeine consumption into the system.

With large amounts of roughage and water, nearly 60%, grapefruit can help in effective digestion and also aid in the fat burning mechanism. It helps in burning calories at a faster rate.


This leafy vegetable is eaten raw to gets maximum benefits out of it and can be consumed in large quantities without the fear of gaining calories. It is highly nutritious as it contains vitamins, folate, and manganese which is essential for a good immune system.

This lusciously tasty fruit has proteins and fibers and is packed with high water content. It has very few calories and no fat, increases the metabolism more than other fruits.


This leafy veggie tastes great, contains 4 calories per cup, and the fiber content aids in better digestion and also keeps the stomach full for a longer time.


This veggie contains 30 calories per serving and is an ideal weight loss diet as it contains loads of minerals and vitamins that add strength and nutrition to the body, even when the body fat is decreasing.


This citrus fruit is packed with vitamin C and antioxidants and contains high amounts of moisture levels.

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