6 Diy Remedies To Prevent Poison Ivy

Poison ivy rash occurs to the humans when they come in contact with any deadly toxins of the plants. During the rash, the body skin gets affected as they are the contact regions for the body. It is characterized by swelling, blisters, deadly itching, red bumps, intense burning sensation and fever in the human body. The rash of poison ivy normally spreads during the first three days when people unknowingly scratch their skins. Lots of natural home remedies and herbal cares are available to prevent the rash of the poison ivy. They are discussed as below.

6 Diy Remedies To Prevent Poison Ivy:

Use Of Baking Soda

It acts strongly against the infection in the patient’s body. The person must mix one teaspoon of bicarbonate soda with half ounce of water to produce a solution. Then it is slightly boiled and stirred. The patient must apply it on the infected areas with a cotton swab to get optimum result. Otherwise you can take a bath with the soda water to induce relaxation.

Use Of Paste

You need to simply cook oatmeal till it becomes sticky and becomes a thick paste. Then you must apply it on to the affected areas like a thick paste. The patient should not employ the hot oatmeal on the skin because it may burn your skin. On the other hand you can mix some baking soda with the oatmeal for extra relieving effect for the itch. On the other hand you can seat close to the hot oat meal to senses the heat effect & eventually this heat will reduce the itch and makes the skin dry.

Use Of Apple Cider Vinegar

It should be applied to the rash areas in the daytime and the patient should take it with water as it contains 99% of DMSO. The vinegar has a toxin-pulling content that generally removes the toxin from skin pores. Soaked cotton balls are to be dissolved in this vinegar solution & should be applied to the affected areas at least 3 to 5 times a day to prevent irritation.

Use Of Aloe Vera

The infectant needs to clean the surface of the infected areas first with water. Take out the gel from a fresh  Aloe Vera leaf and mix it with garlic. Now this mixture can be applied to the infected areas at least twice daily until it goes away. This specially removes the aggravation from the rash to soothe the infection.

Use Of Cucumber

As like potato, it has natural bleaching properties. The person can slice or juice the cucumber and can apply directly on the affected skin to get results. Additionally, one can make a paste by using some amount of turmeric, few drops of lemon juices and cucumber. Again the paste is to be applied along with the seared skin for more than thirty minutes and then it needs to wash off with warm water on an alternate day basis to produce optimum results.

Apply Coffee

After finishing your coffee if you have any leftover in the coffee cup then apply it on the poison ivy rash. The coffee beans contain chlorogenic acid along with anti-inflammatory properties. Then wash the poison ivy rash with all the cup of coffee to get rid of poison ivy. This method is considered as one of the traditional method of curing although it has not scientifically proved yet.

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