7 Easy Homemade Detox Water Recipes For Flat Stomach

In the process of slimming down your belly, you no need to be worried much. Homemade detox water can be your answer to flush out toxic compounds and make yourself slim and fit. Instead of spending money on ready-made appetite suppressants, use homemade recipes to make your detox drinks that not only rejuvenate your energy, but also help you in shedding off extra fat. The homemade detox water recipes are easy to make and provide an array of benefits to our health.

Here 7 Homemade Detox Recipes Are Given For Your Flat Stomach:

Ginger, Lemon, Cucumber And Mint Infused Water:

This detox water drives away toxic compounds from your body and keeps you full for a long time. It keeps you hydrated and provides a refreshing energy to your health. To make this, you need 6 cups of filtered water, 1 tbsp grated ginger, 1 cucumber (sliced), 1 lemon (sliced), ½ cup mint leaves. In a mason jar, mix all the ingredients together and let the ingredients be soaked overnight. You can drink the water up to 2 days.

Craving Suppressant Detox Water:

To prepare this detox water recipe, you need ingredients like cold water, fresh mint leaves, 1 strawberry (sliced), ½ lemon (sliced), ¼ tsp , ¼ sliced apple. Each ingredient contributes in a weight loss process. Soak the ingredients in water overnight and drink the water to rejuvenate your energy.

Daily Cleansing Detox Water:

If you are suffering from bloating, you can try out this recipe at home. Besides this, it also works as a great natural detox for enjoying a refreshing energy throughout the day. 1 or 2 liter water, a few slices of , 1 lemon, cucumber slices and mint leaves. Lemon has a fat burning property because of its citric acid content and is a good source of fiber that makes you feel full for a long.

Detox Aloe Water:

Aloe Vera infused water works as a detox that helps in deposing of toxic elements from your body. It also provides a relief from fatigue by boosting the energy level of the body. You need to extract the aloe gel from its leaves and then mix it with water and lemon juice. Use a blender to mix the ingredients well. Your natural detox water is ready to sip.

Lemon, Mint And Cucumber Infused Water:

The concoction of lemon, mint and cucumber makes a healthy detox water drink for your body. The drink has a classy flavor and it enhances the process of burning fat. Soak all the ingredients overnight and drink this to give your body a natural detox. It is also good for maintaining a flat stomach.

Watermelon And Mint Detox Water:

The combination of watermelon and mint enhances your detoxification process simply. Watermelon is rich in nutrients and vitamins that not only offer refreshing energy, but also suppress your food craving as well. Mint leaves have a refreshing quality in itself. To make this drink, you just soak the ingredients in water for 2 to 8 hours. Drink the fruit infused water during the day time.

Belly Slimming Detox Water:

Ditch your soda drink and pick up natural ingredients infused water that maintains a proper body balance and also offer energy to your body. It takes care of your health naturally. For this drink, you can include ingredients like strawberries, cucumber and basil herbs. Strawberry is a great natural energy booster, basil herbs help you in controlling your appetite and cucumber adds a natural flavor to your drink. Infuse the ingredients in water to prepare this detox.

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