Amazing Fat Flush Water Recipes For Fast Fat Loss

Fat flush water is one of the healthy options for detoxifying the body and kick starting the normal metabolism that helps in speeding up burning of fats. According to the traditional medicines, toxins accumulating in the body slow down metabolism that leads to increase in the unwanted fat reserve. Water is essential for flushing out toxins from the body. Moreover, maintaining the normal hydration level of the body helps in sustaining the normal metabolic rate of the body.

Adding fruit and vegetable with diuretic properties to the water further boosts the detoxification process of the body. Furthermore, the fat flush water recipe contains ingredients that help in breaking down fats. Hence, to get rid of the unwanted body fat fast, include these healthy weight loss drinks in your daily diet.

How to Make Fat Flush Water

Fat Flush Water with , Tangerine and Cucumber

Things You Will Need

To prepare the drink, you will need one grapefruit, one tangerine, half a cucumber, 10 to 15 mint leaves and half a gallon of water. If you don’t have tangerine, you can use one small orange.


Peel and slice the grapefruit, tangerine and cucumber. Add the fruits to a pitcher filled with water. Add the mint leaves and keep the pitcher aside for about two hours. Drink a glass of the fat flush water throughout the day.

This fat flush water recipe is loaded with . Both grapefruit and tangerine are excellent sources of . plays a vital role in reducing production of the stress hormone cortisol. High cortisol level stimulates fat buildup. It is also essential for synthesis of L-carnitine, an amino acid that helps in breaking down fats.

Fat Flash Water with Lime, Tomato and Honey

Things You Will Need

To prepare this fat flash water, you will need one lime, one tomato, a tablespoon of honey, a handful of mint leaves and water according to need.


Slice the lime and tomato and add them to the water. Add the mint leaves and wait for two hours. Pour the fat flash water in a glass and sweeten it with a tablespoon of honey.

This fat flash water recipe too is packed with vitamin C. Honey in the recipe helps in reducing sugar craving and stimulates release of fat burning hormones.

Fat Flash Water with Cranberry


For this fat flash water recipe you will need eight ounces of 100% pure cranberry juice and six ounces of water.


Combine cranberry juice and water.

The acid in cranberry juice helps in breaking down the fat reserve. Cranberry juice is also a powerful diuretic that helps in detoxifying the body rapidly.

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