Top 12 Healthy Fruit Juices With Calorie Count

Fruits are an important part of a healthy diet plan. They contain important nutrients that help in improving health. Although eating whole fruits is the best option, sometimes drinking fruit juice can prove to be very beneficial. While the whole fruit takes some time to digest, the juice is absorbed and digested by the stomach and intestine immediately. Thus, people who are undergoing some illness can benefit greatly by drinking fruit juice. Drinking fresh fruit juice is the best option instead of taking stored and packaged juices. The juice can be prepared at home very easily by crushing the fruits in juicer or food processor. Obese people should take fruits juices that have fewer amounts of calories. The rest of us can drink any fruit juice. It is important to know about fruit juices and its calories.

Following Are The 12 Healthy Fruit Juices And Their Calorie Counts:


Watermelon is a summer fruit with high water content. It fulfills the thirst during hot weather and helps in fighting the summer heat. About 3.5 ounce quantity of watermelon juice without sugar has thirty calories.

Apple Juice

Apple is a healthy fruit with lot of Iron, which helps in fighting the problem of anemia. One serving of apple juice without added sugar measuring 31 grams contains up to 14.6 calories.

Mixed Fruit Juice

Mixed fruit juice extracted from more than two fruits is very good for health giving the nutrients of multiple fruits. One serving of mixed fruit juice measuring about 170 grams contains up to 80 calories.

Pineapple Juice

Pineapple juice is very tasty and nutritious too. Juice extracted from two pineapple pieces each measuring about three inches contains up to fifty calories. Always drink fresh pineapple juice instead of taking canned juice.

Blackberry Juice

Canned blackberry juice of one serving measuring about 31.4 grams contains 38 calories. are rich sources of antioxidants so the blackberry juice is very healthy.

Cranberry Juice

Cranberry is another very good berry with high amounts of antioxidants and . One serving of cranberry juice cocktail measuring about 227 grams contains 114 calories. The juice is fat free and it has very less amount of sodium.


Grapes are healthy fruits that help in fighting hypertension and cancer. 250 ml quantity of grapes juice has up to 163 calories. This shows that the juice has very huge amount of calories. It is good for underweight and slim people.

Cherry Juice

Cherry juice does not contain cholesterol and fat so it is very healthy. One serving of one cup cherry juice measuring about 227 grams contains one hundred and thirty calories. Use red tart cherries for extracting this juice.

Lemon Juice

One cup of lemon juice measuring about 244 grams contains sixty-one calories. Lemons are healthy citrus foods with high content of Vitamin C. So drink lemon juice daily.

Orange Juice

Orange is another citrus fruit with Vitamin C. Juice extracted from a single orange without added sugar contains up to sixty-two calories. Drink the juice in winters when oranges are available in plenty.

Tangerine Juice

Tangerine is a mandarin orange fruit that has reddish orange color. It is a small sized fruit with a sweet and strong taste. One serving of one-cup tangerine juice measuring about 247 grams contains up to 106 calories.

Pineapple, Mango, Water

Coconut water mixed with juice of mango and pineapple is a super healthy combination. The combination juice is ideal for fighting the summer heat. One serving of this combination juice measuring about 240 grams contains hundred calories. The juice is free of fat and cholesterol. The juice is rich in and C.

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