Top 5 Iron Rich Fruits For Healthy Body

Iron is an important nutrient that helps in preventing anemia. Iron deficiency is the main cause of anemia so taking foods that contain this nutrient can prevent the health problem. Our body needs Iron for maintaining normal levels of hemoglobin and components of blood. It helps in supplying oxygen to various body organs. The nutrient also helps in metabolizing Vitamin B. Most of us know apples and to be good sources of Iron. Very few people know that some fruits also contain Iron and help in absorbing this nutrient. We will tell you about some fruits that contain Iron. You should eat these fruits and thus prevent diseases caused by Iron deficiency.

Following Are The Top 5 Iron Rich Fruits You Should Definitely Try:

Dried Figs

Dried figs contain lot of Iron. One dry fig contains more than four milligrams of Iron. You can easily fulfill the Iron requirement of your body by including dried figs in your diet. It is a tasty fruit that you will love to eat. Thus, you should eat dry figs.

Dried Apricots

Dried apricots are useful for anemia treatment as it contains lot of Iron. It is better to eat dry apricots rather than eating fresh or canned variety. You can eat one-cup dry apricots per day. It fulfills the Iron requirement of our body.


You can get Iron by eating strawberry. It is a very healthy berry that contains also. is required for absorbing iron in the body. Eat fresh strawberries. Take it along with breakfast or after dinner. You can also make smoothie with strawberry.


Raisin is a healthy dry fruit that is rich in Iron. It is made by drying . The taste of raisin is very sweet. You can eat it by mixing it with milk, and salad. Some people like to eat the dry fruit with .

Dried Peach

Dried peach is another healthy source of Iron. The fruit contains some other nutrients also. Enjoy the fruit with breakfast. Eat it after mixing it with salads. Eating dry peach as a snack is a healthy option that fulfills midday cravings while stopping you from eating unhealthy snacks.


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