10 Amazing Cocktail Recipes Under 150 Calories

Cocktails are often packed with high calories when prepared with soda, alcohol, juice, tonic water etc. An icy cocktail can instantly cool you down, but the high-calorie margaritas can ruin your waistline. Such drinks could cost you around 500-800 calories in the calorie department, leaving no space for having any snacks or food. High caloric cocktails have a lot more calories when compared to a cheeseburger, says nutritionist. So, better go for low-calorie cocktails that are made using herbs, fruits etc. which can give you the same flavor.

Here Is The List Of The 10 Amazing Cocktail Recipes Under 150 Calories:

Orange Lemon Fizz:

You might know that margaritas are already loaded with lots of sugar which are high on calories as well. So, just blend your lime and orange juice and cool yourself with this fizz. Add orange juice, lime juice, and a small punch of vodka. This tasty fizz would deliver around 95-100 calories.

Thyme Mimosa:

The old mimosa isn’t that bad for your health. This incredible recipe of grapefruit and thyme punch will definitely please your taste buds. Add grapefruit juice, champagne, and a small thyme herb which will give this mimosa a herbaceous twist.

Blueberry Margarita:

This delectable margarita has a distinct sweet and fruity flavor, thanks to the amazing combination of and champagne. To your surprise, this margarita is just 110 calories. All you need is simply add blueberry juice, champagne, and a small shot of lime juice.

Ginger Mule Splash:

Try this ginger mule splash this summer using the Moscow version of the herb mule. Instead of adding ginger beer,  try adding freshly grated ginger. This cocktail recipe, when prepared using the substitutes, will help cut down around 50-60 calories from the drink, thus making it around 100 calories for every 8-ounce serving.

Strawberry Mint Mojito:

An amazing cocktail needs to be looking good as well. This amazing mint strawberry mojito is one among them. This muddled strawberry mint cocktail will be absolutely delicious and tempting as well. But don’t worry; it would be around 110 calories per serving.

Sparkling Fruit Cocktail:

Add a bunch of your favorite fruits in this drink. Simply add few oranges, strawberries, blueberries, and your favorite berry fruits. Add a small punch of vodka or brandy. Let this mixture soak for a while so that the fruits can absorb the booze properly. Use lime wedges for garnish.

Pinacolada Champagne:

Try having this palatable cocktail and pamper yourself with this refreshing cocktail drink which is absolutely less than 150 calories. Add pineapple juice, flakes, water, as well as champagne. Shake it well and serve this chilled Pina colada champagne cocktail in a mojito style.

Pomegranate Brandy Punch:

This is yet another tasty cocktail recipe for people who booze. Add pomegranate juice, freshly grated ginger, a shot of vodka, brandy, and champagne. Mix them well and serve it cool. All these drinks, when clubbed together, will enhance the flavor of this sparkling cocktail punch which is perfect for your special occasions.

Skinny Orange Spritzers:

For a unique and crazy cocktail, try preparing a skinny orange spritzer. Take orange cocktail mix, lime juice, club soda, and . Serve it chilled. It is just 50-60 calories per shot and hence, you can go for one more and say cheers to the occasion.

Vodka Cucumber Refresher:

This recipe is quite interesting as it makes use of low-calorie alcohol. Add a shot of low-calorie club soda, a splash of freshly squeezed lime juice, few herbs such as thyme, basil etc., sliced cucumbers, and a dollop of agave nectar, for preparing this refreshing cocktail.

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