10 Bad Cholesterol Foods To Be Avoided

The diet that is rich in cholesterol, trans-fats and saturated fats can increase the blood cholesterol levels and enhance your risk for heart disease as per the American Heart Association. Here are some of the foods high in cholesterol and avoiding them in your daily diet would keep you healthy.

10 Bad Cholesterol Foods To Be Avoided:

Animal Products

Usually dairy products and meat consist of saturated fats while fast foods and baked foods consist of trans-fats.

Egg Yolk

are considered to be healthy choice when taken in certain limits. are allowed to be taken as part of the healthy diet as long as they are not accompanied by dairy products and meat. It is better to avoid other cholesterol rich foods for lunch when egg was taken as breakfast. A single egg yolk has 210mg of cholesterol. So, avoid regular intake of egg yolk as well.


Eating lunch from a fast food restaurant is not advisable. Prior to ordering any cheeseburger, it is worthy of remembering the presence of 75mg of cholesterol in Big Mac and 175mg of cholesterol in classic double food item. So, it is better to order for a plain burger. Enjoying the tasty one rarely could be fine but, not regularly. About 123mg of cholesterol is found in 100gms of cheese and 21mg in one inch cube.


Liver in most of the meat consists of 564mg of cholesterol per 100gms of meat. As per the estimation made by the American Heart Association, three ounces of cooked beef liver will have 331mg of cholesterol.


Butter is liked by many people in their food. Butter of 100gms consists of 215mg of cholesterol and one tablespoon of butter consists of 30mg of cholesterol. It is better to avoid taking butter regularly.


Shrimp of 100gms comprises of 195mg of cholesterol. A large single shrimp consists of 11mg of cholesterol and an ounce of shrimp consists of 55mg of cholesterol. Choosing the seafood that is boiled is better than the fried one as some of the sea foods are rich in cholesterol, while some do not.


Chicken is generally considered as a low fat option in meat. But, the way it is cooked does bring the difference. It is evaluated that one skinned chicken leg has more cholesterol than that is present in a burger or in a cup of ice cream. Chicken skin has high cholesterol.

Fast Foods

Egg or chip or cheese biscuit consists of 172mg of cholesterol per 100gms of the food. There is about 246mg of cholesterol in one cheese biscuit. The trans-fats present in the fast foods get transformed into high-cholesterol food. Trans-fats are formed due to the addition of hydrogen to the vegetable oils that are further used in commercial foods like cakes, fries, cookies and potato chips.

Processed Meats

The cholesterol content in the processed meat is based on the cut that is used and the added fat content at the time of processing. Lamb and duck meats are known to have a lot of cholesterol.

Ice Cream

A cup of ice cream will have more cholesterol than that is present in a hamburger. It has more cholesterol than it is in 10 glazed doughnuts. Trying fresh fruits for the dessert than the ice cream would be a wise option. Fruits are high in vitamins, minerals, fiber and low in calories. So, fruit option for dessert would help you lower the cholesterol.

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