10 Top Daily Nutrients

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Human body is well supported by the natural things in order to survive and sustain for long period of time. There are various types of requirements for human body in order to carry out the daily activities. There are many vital types of necessary requirements for the human body. People must be aware of all kinds of essential types of nutrients that are required on daily basis. It is very crucial to take all these requirements for proper functioning of the body. Following are some of the best 10 important kinds of nutrients required by the human body.

10 Top Daily Nutrients:

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is a very important requirement for various reasons such as normal blood clotting and bone mineralization. It is also required for proper growth of cells. Deficiency of vitamin K can lead to problems such as brittle bones, bruising and nosebleeds. Consume some collard greens, mustard greens, and broccoli as well as beet greens. Men should have 120 microgram and women should have 90 micrograms on regular basis.


Calcium is very important nutrient that is must for human body. It is a necessary agent to maintain healthy bones. It will also help to protect the arteries and heart. Consumption of calcium will help to avoid breast cancer and other cancer. Women must have 1000 milligrams and men should have 1200 milligrams on daily basis. Calcium can be found in milk, cereals, yogurt and other sources.


Chorine is very much required to build new cells and maintain it for longer period of time. It is very much required for nerve function and muscle maintenance. Chlorine can be found in dry beans, and peas. Women should take 425 milligrams and men should take 550 milligrams per day. It will help to maintain the entire body.

Vitamin A is a very necessary requirement for getting proper eyesight and boosts the immunity of the body. It will also help for proper tissue growth and in other kinds of physiological functions. Vitamin A can be found in dark green vegetables, pumpkins, , collard greens and . Women require 700 milligrams and men require 900 milligrams of this nutrient.


Magnesium is very urgent requirement to carry out at least 300 types of biochemical reactions inside the body. It will provide bone strength and regulate blood pressure. It can also improve immunity in the body. Magnesium can be found in nuts, , halibut, lentils and beans. Women must take 320 milligrams and men must take 420 milligrams on regular basis.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D plays a very important kind of role in building as well as maintaining bone strength. It is very perfectly found in rock fish, salmon, tuna, orange juice and fortified milk. Women must take around 600 units and men must take 600 units of vitamin D on regular basis. Sunlight can prove to be perfect source of vitamin D that is required by the human body.

Vitamin E is very much important as it is a kind of antioxidant that will help to prevent the damage of cells. Deficiency of this particular kind of vitamin can lead to nerve damage. You can find this vitamin in , sunflower oil, sardines, cottonseed oil and hazelnuts. Women must take 15 milligrams and men should take around 15 milligrams of vitamin E on regular basis. Make sure to use the items to increase this vitamin in your diet.


Potassium is required in the human body to avoid common problems such as blood pressure. Little amount of potassium in the body can lead to problems such as osteoporosis and kidney stones. You must keep these points in mind for best results. Women should take 4700 milligrams and men should take 4700 milligrams of potassium on regular basis. Potassium can be found in , potatoes, yogurt, , bananas, beans and orange juice.

Vitamin C is a very essential type of requirement to maintain immunity system in the human body. It will help to boost the immunity and make it strong. The antioxidant will help to get rid of cancer. Vitamin C is required for proper healing of the wounds. It can be found in guava, oranges, lemons, red peppers, and others. Women must take 75 milligrams and men must take 90 milligrams of vitamin C on regular basis.


Fibers are required to avoid all kinds of heart problems. They can also cure the problem of type 2 diabetes. People should increase the intake of fiber in their diet in order to maintain proper healthy weight. It will promote proper bowel movement and digest the foods perfectly. Fibers are found in whole grains, vegetables, beans, fruits and nuts. Women must take 28 grams and men must take 34 grams of fibers on regular basis.

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