10 Ways To Boost Your Health By Eating Seaweeds And Algae

Plants that grow in water contain high amounts of nutrients that improve our health. Very few of us are aware about aquatic plants so we don’t eat them so much. The fact is that eating seaweeds and algae does boost your health. These plants are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber. It contains Iodine, which prevents thyroid problems. Seaweeds and algae are ideal weight foods that also improve the metabolism. Foods like cookies and bars are made from sea vegetables. These are healthy as well as tasty. Algae can be used in raw, cooked, or even in dry form. We will explain the uses of sea vegetables and how to cook food with it. Following are some tips on how to boost your health by eating seaweeds and algae.

Here Are the 10 Ways To Boost Your Health By Eating Seaweeds And Algae:

Make Seaweed Salad

It is easy to make salad with seaweeds. For making this, you need to soak the seaweed in water. Add chopped pieces of cucumber. Mix sesame seeds and toss all ingredients together mixing it well. Eat this salad for a low calorie diet.

Make Seaweed Soup

You can make soups with seaweeds. For this, you need to use the seaweed in dry form. Prepare vegetable or chicken soup and mix dry organic seaweed with it. The soup is delicious and healthy.

Make Nori Sushi

Nori is a seaweed often used in Japanese cooking for making sushi rolls. It contains omega 3 fats and anti-inflammatory nutrients that help in making the skin healthy. Make sushi roll with covering of nori. Add , rice and vegetables outside nori.

Make Nori Salad

Apart from using nori in making sushi, you can also use it for making a green salad. Make green salad with vegetables like and kale. Add nori and salad dressing. Mix raw veggies with carrots and cucumber with this salad for enhancing its taste and nutrient value.

Make Spirulina Salad Dressing

Spirulina algae contain beta-carotene. It has bluish green color. Include these algae in your diet. It has high amounts of protein also. You can also eat dry or powdered spirulina. Make salad dressing with spirulina after adding oil and vinegar to it.

Make Spirulina Smoothie

Smoothies and juices made with spirulina are very good for health. Make smoothies with green leafy vegetable like spinach or use fruits for making smoothie. Add algae to it. You can also mix spirulina with green juice.

Make Hijiki Dressing

Hijiki is a sea vegetable with many health benefits. You can make kale vegetable with dry hijiki. Steam chopped kale leaves for 5 minutes. Make a dressing by mixing soy sauce, olive oil and, dry hijiki. To this, add crushed ginger and garlic. For making the dressing tasty, add seasoning of salt and black pepper. Mix dressing with steamed kale leaves and eat it.

Eat Kelp Sandwiches, Salads

Kelp is brown in color and it contains Iodine and antioxidants. It helps in busting fat in the body and controlling diabetes. Eat fresh kelp or take it in a dry form. Mix it with sandwich and salads.

Eat Kelp Noodles

It is healthy to eat kelp noodles. These noodles are available in a raw form. Eat the noodles as such or you can mix them with salad. You can also mix the kelp noodles with other foods and consume it.

Make Kombu Stock

Soup or stock made with kombu seaweed helps in improving the metabolism. The seaweed contains Iodine, which helps in improving thyroid functioning in the body. Make kombu stock by cooking chopped kombu and dry mushroom in water on slow flame. Strain and use the stock.

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