15 Amazing Benefits Of Green Beans For Skin, Hair And Health

Green beans are a super-food with impressive amounts of nutrients and very less calories. The antioxidants found in this veggie have remarkable health benefits and have unique effects in protecting the cardiovascular health and vision. In spite of being such a healthy food, it is avoided by many. Reading the write up below will give you an idea why it is essential to include green beans regularly in our diet.

Benefits Of Green Beans:

Alleviates Constipation

Green beans contain loads of dietary fiber. Fibers are highly beneficial for the body. This green vegetable provides 15% of the RDA of fiber and keeps gastrointestinal problems at bay. Taking the right amount of fiber will help reduce cholesterol. It helps alleviate constipation, ulcer and hemorrhoids too.

Good For Eyes

Green beans contain two powerful Carotenoids that play a vital role in protecting vision and enhancing the functions of eyes. Lutein and zeaxanthin reduce stress in the eyes and prevent macular degeneration. Moreover, the beans contain a lot of , which is essential for healthy vision.

Boosts Immunity

The green veggie contains enormous amounts of antioxidants that eliminate the damages caused by free radicals and keep the tissues and organs healthy. Flavonoids such as kamferol and quercetin are potent antioxidants. Catechins help reduce the instance and severity of stroke. The antioxidants prevent cancer and are extremely beneficial for the body.

Strengthens Bones

Many nutrients that are vital for bone health are found in abundance in green beans. Vitamin A, vitamin K, silicon, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, etc are found abundantly in this vegetable. They make the bones strong and prevent degenerative diseases such as osteoporosis. They also help with regeneration of bones.

Prevents Heart Diseases

Green beans are rich in flavonoids, which possess antioxidant properties. Certain flavonoids contained in the beans possess anti-inflammatory properties. Studies show that these flavonoids have the ability to prevent clots in the blood vessels. In addition, potassium content of the vegetable helps maintain the health of the cardiovascular system.

Prenatal Health

Folic acid rich foods are beneficial for pregnant women as well as women in pre-conception period. Folic acid plays a major role in numerous processes within the body. However, its role in protecting the infant in the mother’s womb is crucial. It is extremely important for avoiding neural tube defects and encouraging cell division as well as DNA synthesis.

Diabetic Friendly

Research has revealed that green beans have hypoglycemic effects on people with diabetes. It is a natural blood sugar regulator. It is a low-calorie, low cholesterol food with loads of essential nutrients and fiber. Hence, it is useful for diabetic patients and helps manage symptoms of diabetes.

Colon Cancer

Evidence shows that intake of green beans could decrease the risk of developing colorectal cancer and cancerous adenoma recurrence.

Heals The Wounds Quickly

Abundant amounts of vitamin K in green beans play a vital role in blood clotting. Hence, it quickly heals wounds.

Weight Loss

Fresh green beans have very less calories. Hence, people who wish to lose weight or those who are calorie conscious can consume this veggie in good amounts without any worry. It contains low cholesterol, saturated fat and sodium as well.

Prevents Infection

Green beans have abundant amounts of vitamins such as Thiamine and Niacin, which are good source of nutrients. These nutrients prevent several infections in our body.

Maintains Body Fluids

The potassium present in green beans aids in maintaining better cell production. It also improves body fluid movement.


Green beans contain beta carotein, caroteoids lutein, violaxanthin and neoxanthin. These compounds boost the ability of the skin to fight ageing.

Prevents Brittle Hair

Biotin is an important compound required to maintain healthy hair and beans have abundant amounts of it. So, regular intake of this veggie will help prevent brittle hair.

Controls Blood Pressure

Besides other minerals, green beans also contains good amount of potassium, which effectively controls blood pressure.

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