15 Health Profits Of Green Papaya

Papaya is known to possess noteworthy medicinal values as per the appreciation from the ancient sciences. There are several health uses of papaya and this article discusses some of them.

Anti-Inflammatory Agent

Papain is the substance that is present in papaya fruit that has the ability to reduce inflammation. The inflammation occurring in the medical conditions like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma and gout is decreased by papain.


Papaya helps in cleaning the digestive system. It acts as an antioxidant and prevents the oxidation of excess cholesterol blocking the arteries. The antioxidants are helpful as anti-aging agents. The unripe green papaya seed extract helps in oxidative free radical scavenging and aids in solving the kidney related disorders.

Prevent Colon Cancer

The fibers present in papaya aid in attaching to the cancer causing molecules in the colon and eliminate those molecules/agents from the body through bowel movements.

Helps In Digestion

People suffering from consistent constipation, chronic diarrhea and bleeding piles can get relief by regular intake of papaya. Its digestive capacity is acquired by its laxative property.

Resolve The Disorders Of Intestine

Some of the intestinal disorders like irritation in the intestines, excessive unhealthy mucus in the stomach, dyspepsia and gastric juice deficiency are resolved by the papain available in the unripe papaya.

Safeguards From Emphysema

Papaya juice is rich in content. It will help to reduce extensive lung inflammation in the people who smoke regularly and who are often exposed to smoking.

Safeguards From Heart Disease

There are antioxidants in papaya that prevent the oxidation of cholesterol. Cholesterol oxidation creates plaques that block the arteries and blood flow leading to heart strokes.

Solves The Irregularities In Menstruation

The muscle fibers of the womb are made to contract by consuming unripe papaya juice. The contraction leads to regular and proper blood flow. If the menstruation in women is stopped due to cold and or any injury, it is made to resume by eating papaya.

Handles Skin Diseases

The skin problems like psoriasis and acne are treated with the juice taken from the unripe green papaya. The inflammation and pus formation in the wounds is treated with the unripe papaya juice. Unripe papaya juice aids in smoothening of the skin. The unripe green papaya paste removes brown spots and pigmentation in the face.

Normalize The Spleen Enlargement

The papaya is cut and kept immersed in vinegar for about a week. Later, it is consumed two times in a day along with meals. This is repeated until the spleen size comes to normal.

Prevents Spread Of Throat Infection

The juice extracted form unripe papaya is mixed with honey and taken over swollen tonsils regularly. The mixture is taken for diphtheria and other throat infections. Honey with unripe papaya juice dissolves the membrane in the throat and prevents the spread of infection.

Weight Loss

As this fruit is low in calories, eating this fruit having high nutritional value is helpful for those desiring to lose weight.


The anti-proliferative nature of the green papaya juice helps in slowing down the growth of cancer cells in the liver. Papaya plays a role in curing liver cancer.

Solves Morning Sickness

A small slice of papaya consumed by the pregnant ladies helps in treating nausea and morning sickness in them.

Other Benefits

Unripe papaya fruit helps in regeneration of muscle tissue, improving milk flow in the breast feeders, and enhances wound healing.

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