15 Powerful Spices That Heal Cancer, Diabetes And Other Diseases

A large number of people suffer from diseases and health problems like diabetes, hypertension, cancer and other conditions. Wrong eating habits and sedentary lifestyle are the main causes of these problems. It is possible to prevent diseases by controlling the diet and taking the right foods. Spices have the power to heal many health problems that affect us. People have been using spices since the ancient times to add flavor and taste to the foods. Many of the common folk remedies and home treatments use common spices like turmeric, and other spices. We will tell you about some spices with healing powers. Include these spices in your diet to prevent health problems.

Following Are The 15 Powerful Spices That Heal cancer,  Diabetes And More


Garlic contains high amounts of antioxidants. It has antiseptic properties. It can be used for preventing and treating the problem of high cholesterol. You should eat three cloves of garlic daily. Use garlic after crushing it. Add it to the foods you eat. You can also eat it raw.


Turmeric is a very healthy yellow colored spice used all over the world. The spice contains an ingredient curcumin, which can prevent and treat many health problems. Turmeric is known to treat amyloid plaque, heart disease, arthritis, autoimmune disorders and cancer. The spice has anti-inflammatory properties. It can cure cancer of breast, blood, brain and pancreas.


Rosemary is rich in antioxidants that help in improving the health. It can cure problems like depression, poor blood circulation, indigestion and cancer. It can improve memory and concentration. Rosemary is useful for treating respiratory diseases.


Basil helps in curing stomach problems and gas. The spice contains an ingredient known as eugenol that prevents and treats muscle spasms. Studies have shown that basil can also help in preventing growth of cancer.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is an important ingredient of many medicines used for the treatment of arthritis. The spice can help in curing muscle pain. It has anti-inflammatory properties. Diabetic patients who have nerve pain can benefit by eating cayenne pepper. The spice can cure congestion and boost the metabolism. It can cure cancer also. The spice can prevent and treat leukemia.

Coriander Seeds

Coriander seeds contain antioxidants that improve the health of body cells and protect it from diseases. The spice is very useful for treating digestive diseases. It can cure bloating and stomach pain. It can also treat diabetes, ulcer, hypertension, indigestion, high cholesterol and colon cancer.

Cumin Seeds

Cumin seeds have anti-cancerous properties, which helps in healing many types of cancers. The spice has ingredients that stop growth of cancer cells. The daily intake of cumin seeds for cancer should be six teaspoons. Add the spice to vegetables and other foods you cook. You can also take half-teaspoon cumin powder daily.

Fenugreek is a spice that has been found to be very effective in treating diabetes. It can decrease the blood sugar levels, thus providing great relief to diabetic patients. The spice contains ingredients that help in proper functioning of insulin.


Many home remedies use ginger for curing common health problems. It contains ingredients that can treat nausea and sedation. It is useful for treating high cholesterol and cancer. You can eat ginger fresh or dry powder. Add ginger to the foods you cook.


Clove is a very good spice for diabetic patients. It helps in controlling blood sugar levels and utilizing insulin. It can cure cold sores also. Clove oil is a known remedy for treating tooth pain. The oil has antimicrobial properties and it can cure pain.


Saffron is found in Middle East. Its threads are very expensive. The spice can treat depression. It can improve cognitive powers as it increases brain blood circulation. Saffron can also prevent and slow many eye disorders.


Oregano is commonly used in the pizza topping. The spice contains anti-microbial ingredients that can cure many types of diseases. It is very effective on preventing and treating cancer due to an ingredient called quercetin, which prevents growth of cancer cells.

Mustard Seeds

Mustard seeds are sued for tempering many dishes. The spice can cure chest congestion. It can be beneficial in athlete’s foot, digestive disorders and nerve pain. The seeds have anti-cancerous properties, which helps in treating cancer.

Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds have a sweet smell and taste. The spice contains phytochemicals and phytoestrogens. It can be used for curing arthritis, hypertension, heart disease, menstrual cramps, stroke and dementia. The spice has anti-cancerous properties too.


Thyme is a herb and spice that can treat many diseases. It is useful in treating respiratory diseases like asthma and bronchitis. It can cure infection and cough. Thyme can treat digestive diseases like indigestion and gastritis.

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