15 Useful Tips To Eating Healthy

Our eating habits play an important role in preventing and treating many types of diseases and health problems. Doctors advise people to take a healthy diet consisting of nutritious foods. Many people suffer from diseases that are caused by taking wrong foods. Food gives us energy and nutrients required for the normal functioning of our body organs.

Lack of nutrients causes many deficiency diseases. We can lead a healthy, happy and productive life only if we choose a healthy diet. The trend of eating fast foods and high calorie junk foods is increasing today. This is the major cause of diseases like diabetes, obesity, hypertension and heart problems. Decide today that you will eat healthy foods.

Following Are 15 Useful Tips To Eating Healthy:

Drink Water

Water is the best drink that helps in fulfilling our thirst. Drinking water helps in preventing dehydration and other problems. It is the most easily available and inexpensive drink. Avoid sugary drinks. Take caffeinated drinks in limited amounts.

Eat Fruits And Vegetables

It is important to include fruits and vegetables in the diet. They contain high amounts of nutrients, which improve our health and protect us from diseases. The daily intake of fruits and vegetables should be minimum five servings. Prepare tasty dishes with these foods and make them enjoyable.

Reduce Portion Size

Taking food in large quantity is not good for you. You should always eat food in small portions. Instead of taking three big meals, you should take six smaller meals. If you love to eat your favorite dish that is high in calories and fat, eat only a little of it instead eating a big portion. Reduce the amount of French fries, sandwiches and pizza you love to eat.

Don’t Miss Meals

Many people miss their meals due to a busy life. Some people think that missing meals can help in weight loss. This is not true. It is important to take regular meals. Don’t miss the meals. Start the day with a good breakfast. Apart from three meals, take snacks in between the meals.

Eat Dairy Foods

Dairy foods are very good for health. They contain calcium, a nutrient that makes the bones and teeth healthy. Always choose dairy foods made of low fat milk and not whole milk. Milk and are the best dairy foods for you. You can also eat and cottage .

Eat Protein Foods

Include protein rich foods in your diet. Our body needs protein for repairing the damaged and worn out cells. This helps in healing many types of diseases and health problems. Chicken and seafood like fish and shrimp contain high amounts of protein. Choose lean meats. Vegetarians can get protein by eating peas, beans, soy, chickpeas, , nuts and .

Choose Healthy Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are important sources of energy for us. You should be very careful in choosing carbohydrate-containing foods. Eat foods that have healthy carbohydrates. Whole grain foods are very healthy. Avoid foods with unhealthy carbohydrates. Such foods include white rice, bread and flour.


Green tea is a very healthy drink that can be good for your health. The tea contains antioxidants that can prevent many health problems. You can make the tea by steeping the loose tea or tea bag of green tea in boiling water. Strain the tea and drink it.

Balance The Calories

People who take very high calorie foods face the risk of obesity. On the other hand, people who take very less calories become very weak and lose weight. It is important to take calories according to ones physical activities. Physically active people should increase the calorie intake while those who lead a sedentary life need to take fewer calories. Men need more calories than women.

Avoid Fatty Foods

Most people love to eat fatty foods due to its taste. These foods are not good for you. You should avoid foods that have saturated fats. Choose foods that have unsaturated fats in it. Don’t eat foods that contain Trans fat. Eat foods like nuts and fish that have healthy fats.

Avoid Sugar And Salt

Foods that contain high sugar and salt are not good for health. You should avoid such foods. While sugary foods cause diabetes, salty foods cause hypertension and other health problems. Read labels of readymade foods you buy. If the food has sugar and salt, don’t buy it.

Choose Healthy Snacks

Most people need snacks for fulfilling the hunger pangs in between the two meals. You should choose healthy snacks instead of eating chips, cookies and candies. Avoid snacks that have fat and high calories. Fruits, nuts, cereal bars and yogurt are the best snacks for you.

Eat Home Cooked Foods

It is always better to eat home cooked foods instead of eating in food shops and restaurants. The food prepared and sold in the market in public places contains high fat, sugar and salt. Food is prepared in unhygienic conditions in the food shops. Avoid buying and eating food outside. Prepare healthy meals at home.

Eat Fatty Fish

Non-vegetarian people should eat fatty fish. The fish is very good for health. It contains omega 3 fats and many other nutrients. Salmon and tuna are the best fishes for you. You should eat fish twice a week. Fatty fishes are very good for heart and brain.

Avoid Processed Meats

Avoid or reduce your intake of processed meat. This type of meat is very harmful for health as it is made with nitrates, which are chemicals that can cause cancer. Therefore, don’t eat processed meat. Include more healthy foods and lean meat in your diet. Stay without meat for some days.

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