15 Wonderful Health Benefits Of Blue Cheese

Blue is a form of which is white in color and owes its name due to the blue streaks caused on its surface due to the ageing process. It is used as toppings on bread and can be used in salads, pasta, dips etc. It has great health benefits as its heart healthy, anti-inflammatory, contains numerous minerals and it is low calorie and hence, can be incorporated into a dieting plan.

The Health Benefits Of Blue Cheese Are:

Low Calorie

All dairy products are usually high in fats but this variety of cheese is low in calories and hence, a good option for dieters to include in their dieting regime.

Protects The Bones And Joints

Blue cheese has anti-inflammatory elements that help in reducing the inflammation of the joints. It also supplies its dose of calcium to the body that keeps the bones strong and healthy and reduces the risk of bone diseases like osteoporosis. Blue cheese also contains phosphorous that is essential for bone health and also protects it from diseases like rickets.

Growth And Repair

Blue cheese has good amounts of milk protein which help the tissues in growth and repair. The protein helps in the development of muscles and provides energy to the body for its activities.

Protects Sensitive People

People who constantly suffer from a runny nose should eat blue cheese regularly as it contains a certain kind of bacteria that help in fighting these infections.

Improves Vaccine Efficiency

Blue cheese has antibiotic properties that are effective in increasing the efficiency of vaccines like polio, flu, and cholera and increases their ability to fight the these pathogens.

Muscle Contractions

Blue cheese has good amounts of potassium that aids in proper muscle contractions and helps in the healthy pumping of the heart.

Women Health

Women after menopause are more susceptible to contracting bone diseases like osteoporosis and hence they should eat blue cheese to keep the bones healthy and strong.

Heart Healthy

The intake of blue cheese protects the body from the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It keeps the arteries healthy and promotes proper blood circulation in the vessels. It is also anti-inflammatory in nature hence, protects the arteries against inflammation.

Nerve Health

The minerals and vitamins namely vitamin B12 in blue cheese is required by the body to maintain the healthy functioning of the nerves.

Teeth And Gums

The calcium and phosphorous in blue cheese is extremely beneficial for the teeth and gums. It keeps the teeth strong and prevents tooth decay and dental plaque.


The high content of minerals namely calcium, phosphorous, potassium, etc. and the various vitamins like A and D make the body strong and healthy and protect it from the attacks of infections and germs.


Blue cheese contains high amounts of calcium and it also contains anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing pain and soreness in the joints.


The intake of blue cheese is known to reduce the deposition of fat that leads to cellulite. The problem of cellulite can be hence tackled by adding blue cheese to the diet as it firms and tones the skin.

Prevents Strokes

Blue cheese intake can help in dilating the blood vessels and prevents the occurrence of clots that could lead to strokes. It controls the level of cholesterol and prevents its level from rising and thereby protects the body against strokes.

Sharpens Memory

Blue cheese is known to increase cognitive functions by way of improving recollection power and improving memory. Kids in the growing years should be given blue cheese for memory enhancement and even old age people who suffer from memory loss and degenerative brain diseases.

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