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Top 10 Foods That Promote Good Bone Health

Healthy bones are an integral component for our overall health and should not be overlooked. Bones are responsible for the production of blood cells, protecting our organs and supporting our entire body. Healthy bones enable us to lead healthy independent lives while weak bones are at a risk of breaking easily resulting in fractures and joint pain. Foods rich in calcium promote healthy bones and can easily be included as part of our regular diet.

7 Superfoods That Decreases The Bad Effects Of Your Junk Food Habit

Craze for junk foods can be easily seen in young kids and teenagers. These foods are easily available and cooked incorporating unhealthily practices like deep frying etc. that makes them taste delicious.

Top 6 Home Remedies For Poor Memory

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Poor memory is a problem in which the affected person does not remember the common things or events. Usually the problem occurs with increasing age. Personality changes, lack of concentration and behaviour problems are common in people with poor memory. The affected person has a problem in doing the daily tasks.

Top 9 Foods For Combating Ebola Infection

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Ebola has claimed thousands of lives. We may not be able to cure the disease effectively through medication, but we can try to strengthen our immune systems in the diet way, so that our bodies become less susceptible to the deadly virus. Certain nutrients have been identified by researchers as having the properties to protect, alleviate or cure the Ebola viral infection, though their effectiveness is still being debated.