3 Fad Diets Along With Their Advantages And Disadvantages

Are you aware of fad diets? Fad diet is a stylish diet regime which is mostly seen followed by top celebrities of the world. In this diet you reduce the amount of food in your diet and eat only selected fruits and vegetables which lead to quick loss of weight. There are three most common fad diets – soup and tomato diet, diet and the Master Cleanse. You are sure to lose those extra fat deposits on your body but the technique these diets employ is not good for your health. It affects your body adversely and leads to weakness, sickness and malnutrition. With unhealthy diet and temporary results this diet is not a good choice for people. This is the reason why these diets are not a success and comes and goes without getting popular within middle man. With transitory positive impact and loads of detrimental consequences these diets are not advisable to be included in a healthy weight loss program. In this article we will educate you about these diets and their respective advantages and disadvantages.

The Cabbage Soup And Tomato Diet

In cabbage and soup diet one has to eat cabbage soup with fruits and few other vegetables. This is a three day regime in which first day you need to eat cabbage soup with tomato. Second day you need to eat cabbage soup with turnips. On the last day you have to eat cabbage soup with both tomato and turnip.


In this diet one can eat as much cabbage soup, tomatoes and turnips as they wish. These are low calorie vegetables and add a very little amount of calories in your body. This ensures that you won’t feel starve which helps in reducing weight instantly. With this diet you can reduce upto 5 kilograms in just three days. The vegetables included in this diet have powerful antioxidant properties that detoxify your body. This is an easy to follow and less expensive diet.


You suffer from fatigue and weak due to lack of nutrition. This diet gives you sudden and temporary weight loss. Too much of cabbage soup can lead to painful cramps in the stomach. Diet is not interesting and one starts feel bored of eating the same regular soups every day.

The Master Cleanse

As the name suggests this diet works as a very effective cleanser for your body. It reduces excess body fat and weight slowly. Your diet comprises of cayenne pepper, lemon flavoured water and maple syrup. You need to put a lot of effort in following this diet diligently. The cleansing process may require ten to forty days.


It relives you from unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle. You have to avoid junk food, smoking, drinking and tobacco throughout the program. The ingredients used in this diet are strong antioxidants which detoxifies your body effectively. This diet is cheap and comparatively palatable to your taste buds.


Time period required to get benefits is sufficiently large and sometimes become tiring and hard to follow. Your muscle density and energy starts reducing abruptly as you are deprived of balanced diet. When the diet program is over your body requires large amount of time to again get back to the normal routine diet.

The Grapefruit Diet

This diet requires twelve to eighteen days of time to get visible weight loss. Grapefruits are considered to contain fat reducing enzyme which helps in the process of fat loss and weight loss. In this diet you are supposed to eat half of a grapefruit in raw or juice form with specific meals. Meals will comprise of water, one cup of coffee and protein intake in the form of protein shakes, egg, pork, red meat etc.


This diet plan is relatively simple to follow. Grapefruit is a vital fruit loaded with plenty of and has negligible fat and calories. You can reduce up to ten kilograms of weights in ten days. Implementation of this diet do not cost you much.


The calorie you get through this diet is only 800 which is less than what is required by your body on a daily basis. Low calorie diet ultimately leads to fatigue, stomach pain, dizziness, nausea, headaches etc. The high amount of protein in the diet can also lead to kidney stones.

Restricting your daily diet to only selected fruits and vegetables deprives you from a diet with proper balance of nutrition. Weight loss does not imply starving your body with essential ingredients. In contrast these fad diets, a healthy weight loss program is a program which reduces the intake of unhealthy food and replaces it with other nutritional material so that your body stays nourished and fit always. Healthy balanced diet with adequate amount of exercise is the key.

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