5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Blueberries

are not just tasty exotic fruits that go well with continental breakfast or a cocktail. They are amazing for your health and prevent health problems that many other fruits don’t have any effect on! Here are 5 health benefits of eating :

Good For Your Vision

Blueberries are high in anthocyanosides which slow down not only loss of vision but all signs of ocular issues related to ageing. For example, it prevents macular degeneration, myopia and cataract! People who include blueberries in their diet are less likely to suffer from hypermetropia and dryness related infections and irritation as well. Apart from the anti-ageing anthocyanosides, blueberries contain:

• Carotenoids: Antioxidants like lutein.
• Flavonoids: Like guercetin, rutin and resveratrol.
• Vitamins C, E, and A.
• Selenium.
• Zinc.
• Phosphorus.

All these are known to be essential for good ocular health and blueberries are therefore a delicious excuse for great ocular health! The primary reason of vision loss in adults is not including enough fruits in the daily meal. Blueberries work on behalf of an array of fruits to fight the progress of vision loss.

Reduces Unhealthy Fat

Blueberries help normalize irregular metabolism syndrome and therefore reduce excess fat, especially belly fat. It also helps you in other ways that help you stay fit and healthy and that includes:

• Lowered levels of triglycerides.
• Lowered cholesterol.
• Reduced chances of cardiovascular diseases.
• Improved glucose sensitivity.
• Healthier liver.
• Lowered level of insulin in diabetic people.

All these automatically decrease blood pressure and blood sugar issues and remove the excess fat from your body without you having to sacrifice any yummy dishes you love or eat anything that is horrible to taste! For people who don’t want to lose any weight, don’t worry, it does nothing to the necessary mass you have. It only eliminates excess and unhealthy fat so people who don’t want to lose weight but stay healthy should eat blueberries too!

Prevents UTIs

Bacteria like b-coli are unable to build up along the inner linings of the urinary tract if you have one big serving of fruits with mainly blueberries every day. Blueberries have polymer-like heavy molecules that wash off those bacteria from the tract and therefore not give them a chance to build up there and infect you! If you suffer from any itching, burning or any kind of irritation while urinating or at any time during the day, make sure you include blueberries in your diet instead of consulting the doctor immediately because natural cure for common problems should be preferred to medicines and chemical rich creams.

Have some blueberries every day and don’t worry about any urinary tract infection at all! Since some people mistake STDs to be included under UTIs, you must note that blueberries cannot fight sexually transmitted diseases though so you cannot do away with the protection you use just because you are having blueberries.

The Have Anti Inflammatory Agents

Blueberries help your body produce more heat-shock proteins which fight inflammations. Therefore eating blueberries can help you fight those painful swollen hands and feet and having them regularly can help you avoid inflammations altogether!

Good For Brain Health

Blueberries can help prevent neurotic problems by keeping the neurons healthy and active. It also keeps the central nervous system healthy and therefore helps with memory issues. Blueberries have also found use in the slowing down process of Alzheimer’s disease! This effective food value of blueberries comes from the following apart from the vitamins and antioxidants already mentioned:

• Sodium
• Potassium
• Copper
• Magnesium
• Manganese

Blueberries are indeed a must in one’s daily diet and they are delicious as well!

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