5 Easy DIY Tips To Have Protein-Rich Breakfast Everyday

Everyone intends to have a filling and nutritious breakfast that can keep them fresh and fit throughout the day. Having a protein-packed breakfast can help you have healthy, quality food intake and satisfy your appetite easily. It helps you accomplish Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of protein, which is 56 grams for men and 46 grams for women over 19.

Here Are Some Quick And Easy DIY Tips That Can Help You Prepare And Enjoy Protein-Packed Breakfast Every Morning.

Peanut Butter On The Toasts

Peanut butter and almond butter are some of the rich sources of proteins that can enrich your breakfast. Apply two tablespoons of one of these butters on a toast and enjoy having a protein-packed breakfast. It helps add eight grams of proteins to your breakfast.

A Bowl Of Protein-Rich Cereals With Milk

Cereals have high amounts of protein content. Make a mixture of protein-rich cereals and nuts, such as oats, , and other nuts and cereals, in a bowl and add milk to it. Having a bowl of such protein-rich mixture along with milk helps you have good amount of proteins every morning. To make it more nutritious and crunchy, you can sprinkle dry-roasted sunflower seeds on it.

Roll Of Egg And

An egg contains about 6 grams of quality proteins. Also, cheese is a protein-rich food which most of us like to have. Making a burrito of two scrambled , a quarter cup of , a quarter cup of sautéed , and cheese can help you prepare and enjoy delicious protein-packed breakfast easily every day.

With Fruits, Protein-Rich Cereals, And Nuts

is another protein-rich food you can have in the breakfast. It contains twice amount of proteins than the regular yogurt. Having yogurt in your breakfast helps you have a good protein intake. Make your breakfast tastier and more nutritious by adding nuts, fiber-rich , and protein-rich cereals to the yogurt. You will enjoy having easy-to-prepare, delicious, and nutritious breakfast this way.

Snack Banana When On The Go

Many of us are in a great hurry in the morning to rush to the work that we don’t find enough time to sit and have the breakfast peacefully. At this time of hurry, having a banana when on the go can help you have a protein-rich breakfast conveniently in no time. If you have time, you can sit and have cottage cheese along with banana. This adds about 28 grams of proteins to your breakfast.

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