5 Reasons Why Eating Digestive Biscuits Is Good For Health

Digestive biscuits, as the name suggests, are meant to help with digestion. The first digestive biscuits were created by two Scottish doctors in 1839 as a digestive aid. Since then biscuit makers have come a long way and nowadays digestive biscuits are more nutritious than the original biscuit recipe. Digestive biscuits are considered a healthy snack. However, even the healthy biscuits could be fattening if you consume them in large amounts. Nevertheless, if you follow a healthy lifestyle, snacking on digestive biscuits provides the following health benefits.

Here Are TheĀ 5 Reasons Why Eating Digestive Biscuits Is Good For Health:

Fights Hyperacidity

Compared with the ordinary biscuits digestive biscuits contain larger amount of sodium bicarbonate or baking soda. Baking sodium works as an antacid. Hence, if you are prone to hyperacidity, snacking on digestive biscuit can help in providing relief from heartburn and abdominal discomfort.

Alleviates Constipation

Good quality digestive biscuits are made with whole wheat flour. They are hence rich in dietary fibers that help in easing bowel movement. To restore regularity, instead of eating the regular biscuits or cookies that contain refined flour, eat the fiber rich digestive biscuits.

Weight Loss Snack

Digestive biscuits are the ideal snack for a weight loss diet. The dietary fibers in the biscuits help in making you feel full for a longer time. Therefore, you can control your cravings by eating a digestive biscuit. However, before snacking on a digestive biscuit remember that each biscuit contains about 70 calories. Hence, accordingly adjust your total calorie consumption for healthy weight management.

Energy Booster

When you feel drained, eat a digestive biscuit to boost your energy level instantly. Digestive biscuits provide carbohydrate that help in energizing your fast. Furthermore, they contain sodium, the electrolyte your body needs to overcome fatigue.

Reduces Morning Sickness

Pregnant women who feel nauseated in the morning can fight morning sickness by eating a digestive biscuit after waking up in the morning. The large amount of baking soda present in digestive biscuit helps in providing relief from nausea. Furthermore, the dietary fibers present in good quality digestive biscuits made with whole grain flour help in improving digestion and alleviating constipation, which is another common problem in pregnant women.

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