5 Shocking Side Effects Of Egg White

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Egg is made up of two components basically; one is the white part called as egg white and the central yellow portion called as the egg yolk. have lot of nutrients and are thus a good energy source. It is very easy to cook and therefore is one ever-ready option for a quick meal. are rich in protein and therefore people who work out consume lot of to fulfil their protein requirement. are so beneficial that you can simply go on and on about their benefits. Lot is known about the various benefits of ; however there are some crazy but serious side effects associated with the use of . You don’t believe it, so let us have a look at some side effects caused by the egg-white.

Here Are The 5 Shocking Side Effects Of Egg White:

Allergic Reaction

Allergic reaction might happen due to consumption of egg whites, which is nothing but the albumin – a protein. The effects of allergy occurring due to egg white consumption can cause rashes, fever, swelling and inflammation, redness, difficulty in breathing and so on. In a moderate kind of allergic reaction these symptoms come and go within a day; however severe reactions can last longer and might result in unconsciousness, dizziness and other serious symptoms.

Depletion Of Vitamin B

Excessive consumption of egg whites might result in depletion in levels of a vitamin called biotin. When the deficiency becomes severe a number of health conditions can occur. Some examples of the consequences of biotin deficiency are skin problems, hair loss, seizures etc.

Risk Of Bacterial Infection

When the egg white is not properly cooked or is consumed in a partially cooked form it can cause bacterial infection. A type of organism called Salmonella usually can thrive in raw egg white; this organism is responsible for causing number of infections. Common symptoms include gastric symptoms like diarrhoea, vomiting, abdominal cramps etc.

Protein Overload In Kidney Patients

Patients suffering from kidney diseases encounter difficulty as their kidneys are not functioning properly. As a result the filtration and removal of unwanted products is affected. Over consumption of egg whites put a burden of protein overload on the kidney of such patients which might further worsen their condition.

Cholesterol And Fat Levels

Egg is rich in cholesterol and can cause increase in body lipid levels. As compared to egg white the egg yolk has higher percentage of cholesterol but still even egg whites contribute to increase in cholesterol levels. Because of the aforementioned side-effects egg white must be consumed with care and caution, so as to avail maximum benefits.

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