6 Different Types Of Vitamins You Should Consume Everyday For Complete Wellness

There is immense importance of vitamin supplements. Doctors subscribe these vitamins to people even after general illness to recuperate faster. The vitamin supplements are recommended for the proper nourishment of the body. In the fast paced life not much effort can be put in cooking balanced meals. But women especially tend to ignore their food and nutrition needs in this fast paced life. As a result, they are more prone to nutritional imbalance. Thus, the vitamin supplements are of great help! Here is the complete guide on vitamins and their benefits-

The lack of vitamin A in the body affects the eyesight the most. Night blindness, inflammation of the eyes, dryness in the eyes is all caused by the lack of vitamin A in the body. It is a fat soluble vitamin which is required for proper growth. It also assists in the development and maintenance of the skin and hair along with the mucous membrane.

It is also helpful for the immunity and the reproductive system of the body. Vitamin A supplements is available at pharmacies. It is generally in the form of tablets or flavored syrup. If you want natural sources of the same, then you can opt for vegetables like , turnips and other root veggies that are high on the same. Nuts are great sources of this vitamin.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B is further segmented into B1, B2, B6 and B12. The main natural source of vitamin B is meat. Though the other vitamins are found in other food vitamin B12 is not. People who are vegetarians must therefore take Vitamin B12 supplement. Vitamin B1 is required for maintaining a healthy appetite and assists in the growth of the body. B2 assists in weight loss and stops skin lesions. The vitamin B6 is required by the body for metabolism of starch and amino acids.

B12 is essential for the good health of red blood cells and keeps of anemia. Vitamin B supplements too are available in capsules, tablets as well as syrups from pharmacies.  Vitamin B complex supplements are available too. If you want to have the same naturally then think of dates, grapefruits, guavas and that are easily available and rich in other nutrients too. Oats, buckwheat, semolina, wheat and other grains are very good sources of the same. But remember that b12 is not available in any vegetable source or fruit and should be taken in form of lean meats, dairy products, and .

Vitamin C is found is citrus fruits like grapefruits, lemons, oranges as well as some vegetables. The lack of vitamin C causes the most common cold and flu. This vitamin is required for maintaining the immunity of the body. Scurvy is one disease which can be avoided by taking vitamin C supplement. This vitamin also helps in maintaining the good health of the teeth and bones. Vitamin C supplement is readily available at the drug stores. These are in the form of chewable, syrups as well as tablets.

Most of these supplements are flavored to suit the taste buds. Vitamin C supplements is also available in combination with phosphorous and calcium. The combination supplement is very good for the bones and teeth. It is said that most citrus fruits including oranges, lemons and limes are enriched with this vitamin. You can have them in fresh forms or even organic processed juices to get the most of the benefits from the same. Amarnath leaves, bokchoy and even green pepper are rich sources of the same.

Vitamin D

The deficiency of vitamin D is known to cause Rickets. Vitamin D is naturally found in fish like the salmon, mackerel, tuna fish and sardines. It is also found in egg liver and beef. However exposing the body to sunlight is the best source of vitamin D. many milk food products are fortified with vitamin D supplements. Read the food value content of milk products to know whether it is fortified or not.

Vitamin D supplement tablets are easily available at the pharmacies. The dosage of the tablets should be administered with the proper consultation of a physician. Unfortunately there are no fruits that contain this and you need to get the same from sunlight. Mushroom has a little amount of the same but it is negligible.

Vitamin E is antioxidants which is good for the good cardiovascular health and prevents cancer too. It is a fat soluble vitamin which protects the presence of vitamin A and essential fatty acids in the body. This vitamin has been found effective in providing protection against breast cancer and is thus highly recommended to women. This supplement too is found in the form of pills and tablets. Most of the supplements are in combination with vitamin E, C and beta carotene.

This combination is a powerful antioxidant and fights cancer. Naturally vitamin E can be found in most oils, nuts like , walnuts, hazelnuts and peanuts. Wheat germ oil, legumes and grains are also a good source of vitamin E supplement. Blackberries, mulberries, strawberries and even gooseberries are loaded with the richness of this vitamin. Many of these are available in dried forms too. and potatoes are great vegetable source of the same.

Vitamin K

This vitamin is essential for the blood to clot at a normal rate. Apart from that it promotes good health of the bones and reduces risks of fractures. Vitamin K also prevents the calcification of arteries and the loss of bones post menopause. It is one vitamin which the body from liver and prostate cancer.

Natural sources of vitamin k are Brussels, broccoli, , mustard greens and sprouts. Carrots and green peas are also a very good source of vitamin K. there are several brands of Vitamin k supplements in the form of pills. Vitamin K crèmes are available too. Kiwi, mango, pear and plums, which are all sweet and make great desserts are the best sources of the same. Brussels sprouts, broccoli, okra and work perfectly in providing you the same.

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