6 Healthy And Nutritious Snacks For Kids

Kids need a nutritious diet – they love snacks too! Mothers are on the constant lookout for healthy snack alternatives which help kids not to keep themselves full, but also offer much needed nutrition. Healthy homemade snacks are also a good way to keep kids away from junk food and colas. Kids love snacks more than meals. If you have snacks ready, you know they will have them all. Here are some healthy and nutrious snacks you can have for your kids.

Nutritious Snacks In Your Kids Diet

Healthy Snack Mix

Kids love snack mix and moms are happy too, because they know their kids had something nutritious. Prepare your own snack mix for your kids and serve them whenever they are hungry. You can prepare your snack mix with a delicious and healthy mix of popcorn, whole grain cereals, pretzels, nuts, banana chips and more. Add ingredients of your choice and make the snack mix healthier and as per taste of your kid. Nuts are a rich source of minerals which include zinc, iron and magnesium much needed by our body.


Cheese is a great source of calcium, needed for bone health, growth and development. Sliced cheese can be served with multigrain crackers and dill pickles. You can also top cheese with sliced or a fresh slice of whole wheat bread. Another great option is to wrap up apple wedges with fresh slices of ham and cheese.


Kids love these sippable treats, especially when they are back from school or during vacations when they feel like snacking quite often. The best part is that they can be served in a variety and are rich in nutrients. You can prepare healthy smoothies for your kids with low fat along with a combination of different fruits as per your choice. You can include fruits like oranges, bananas, pineapple, apples or any fruit of your choice. One serving is a rich source of nutrients in your child’s diet. Smoothies are the healthiest snacks available which can be had at anytime of the day.

Healthy Baked Snacks

Baked snacks need not always be unhealthy, you just need to bake the right things. Just sneak some fruits or even vegetables into breads, cakes and muffins. Carrot cakes, orange muffins, zucchini muffins and apple pies are delicious snacks. They are tasty and nutritious at the same time. Baked sweet potato fries are also a healthy snack, healther than french fries.


Hummus is prepared from pureed chickpeas and makes an excellent dip for kids. It has a delicious fresh and nutty flavor. It is richly loaded with iron, vitamin B6 and also folate. Hummus can be served in many interesting ways. It can be used to prepare pita bread healthy sandwich. You can also serve and radishes with a good helping of hummus as a dipping. You can also prepare a delicious wrap with whole wheat tortilla, sliced cucumber, crumbled freta and serve it with hummus. Another great option is to top a multigrain bagel with fresh slices of tomato and hummus.


Raisins are rich in vitamins, potassium and fibre. Just pack off a handfull of raisins in your kids box. These are tempting and nutritious – your kids are not going to pass it off. Sprinkle raisins in their favorite desserts. You will simply love to watch them swirl and dip delicious apple wedges or even carrot sticks for a mouthwatering scoop of creamy raisins.

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