6 Healthy Low Calorie Soups In Your Diet

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Soups are an integral part of diet, especially for those who are trying to lose weight.  These are easy to prepare, can be prepared using a number of different ingredients, in many variations and are highly nutritious. Healthy low calorie soups are good for the body, do not add to your weight and offer your body all nutrients. These soups are light and quite filling which helps in sticking to your diet plans.

Low Calorie Healthy Soup Options

and Chicken Soup

Fragrant, delicious and nutritious, this soup uses all quick cooking ingredients like skinless chicken, canned beans and baby spinach. Adding fresh basil leaves add to the nutrition count and taste. This chicken soup can be had for lunch or dinner.

French Onion Soup

An easy to prepare dish using slow cooked ! This soup tastes a bit sweet due to slow cooking of . You can add a dash of butter, your favorite herbs and top it with a bit of . French onion soup can be had with bread cubes.

Italian Egg-Drop Soup

This is a traditional, healthy and light soup prepared with chicken broth, herbs and . If you are having this soup as your meal, you can add chickpeas, pasta and arugula. It tastes wonderful when served with Caesar salad which is equally healthy.

Cucumber Soup

Cucumber is a popular part of diet food. It is known for its high water content and cooling properties. For this light soup, cucumber is pureed with delicious low fat cream, rice vinegar and mint. This soup is very popular during summer days when your body needs extra fluids. This is a no cook soup.

Classic Chicken Soup

Shredded chicken, with all vegetables of your choice and herbs make this delicious low calorie chicken soup. It is low in calories, full of flavors and high in nutrients. You can have this soup any time of the day you wish.

Black Bean Soup

Low in calories and rich in flavor and nutrients, this black bean soup makes a healthy part of lunch menu. You can substitute chicken broth, you can use water if you wish to make it healthier. You can have black bean soup with brown bread slices.

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