6 Reasons Why Soy Milk Is A Better Alternative To Cow Milk

The milk extracted from the protein rich is considered an alternative to cow’s milk not only because of its white color and thick texture similar to cow’s milk but because it offers most of the nutrients found in cow’s milk. Furthermore, there are few additional benefits of consuming that you do not get by drinking cow’s milk. Moreover, for vegans, the plant based milk is an ideal alternative to dairy. If you are wondering whether you should switch to , here are the main reasons that make an excellent alternative to cow milk.

Here Are The 6 Reasons Why Soy Milk Is A Better Alternative To Cow Milk:

Helps Reduce Belly Fat

Accumulation of fat in the abdomen increases risk of diabetes and hypertension. According to studies, drinking a glass of soy milk daily helps in reducing the waist circumference. Moreover, compared to a glass of cow milk, soy milk contains fewer calories. Hence, soy milk is the ideal alternative to cow milk for a low calorie diet.

Decreases High Cholesterol Level

The high concentration of saturated fats in cow milk, especially whole milk, is frequently blamed for increasing the unhealthy lipid level in the blood. According to studies, soy milk contains proteins and isoflavones that help in reducing the LDL cholesterol level. For best result, people with high cholesterol should try drinking three cups of soy milk daily.

Reduces Hot Flashes

Soy milk contains estrogen-like compounds that are beneficial for women going through menopause. The isoflavones in soy milk work like weak estrogen and help in providing relief from hot flashes and night sweat that a large number of women going through menopause experience because of the low estrogen level.

Free From Lactose

People who find it difficult to digest milk because of lactose intolerance can take soy milk instead of cow’s milk. Soy milk does not contain lactose, a type of sugar found in animal milk. Moreover, soy milk is a good source of protein and calcium that makes it a good alternative to dairy for people who suffer from milk allergy.

Lowers Risk of Certain Cancers

Isoflavones in soy milk can help in reducing the risk of certain cancers. The antioxidant activity of the soy compounds help in preventing damage to the DNA in the cells that causes cancer. According to studies, soy is especially effective in protecting against skin, lung, colorectal, breast, cervix and prostate cancers.

Improves Mood

Drinking soy milk is also good for your mental health. It is a good source of vitamin B6 that helps in the synthesis of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which helps in improving mood. Soy milk also contains magnesium, which is crucial for increasing the serotonin level in the brain.

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