6 Serious Side Effects Of Soads On Your Body

Soda certainly does not come in the list of health drinks. By drinking soda you give invitation to a lot many health issues. Despite of knowing this fact, there are many who drink soda on regular basis. Go through this write-up and get to know how soda is affecting your body.

Following Serious Side Effects Of  Soads On Your Body:

You Will Invite Obesity

A research has proved that obesity and soda are related to each other. People drinking soda regularly consume 15% more calories in a single day in comparison to those who do not drink soda.

You Will Remain Ill

Soda leads to many diseases like Hypertension, Asthma and Type-2 Diabetes. Soda is a sweet beverage that contains high level of fructose and glucose levels, while some soda contains caffeine. People consuming more soda consume either caffeine or fructose and glucose to a greater extend that retains more amount of salt, which results in hypertension. Also, the increased levels of fructose and glucose level increase the risk of Type-2 diabetes.

You Will Not Save Money

Soda addiction can take off a pretty good amount of cash from your wallet. Hence, if you quit soft drink you can save a lot of money.


You Will Intake Calories

Zero. This is the vitamin and nutrient amount that is present in a soft drink. According to some studies it has been found that those who drink soft drink regularly get very less calcium and nutrients from the diet they consume. Hence, if you drink soda not only you get zero nutrition from it, but also you fail to get other vital nutrients and vitamins from your other healthy diet.

You Will Not Be Hydrated

Soda is a caffeinated drink having little diuretic effect. Diuretic increases the rate of passing urine because of which excess of water is removed from the body. By drinking soda your body gets dehydrated.

You Will Have Headaches

The major reason behind triggering of headaches is caffeine present in soda. Increased amount caffeine can also lead to migraine.

Now, when you have known the side effects of soda, don’t you think that it is the right time to kick off the habit of drinking soda? Quit soda and remain slim and healthy.

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