6 Smoothie And Juice Recipes To Improve Your Health And Beauty

Here Are 6 Recipes To Start With. You Can Make Some Changes In The Ingredients As Per Your Convenience:

1. Blueberry Smoothie

Loaded with antioxidants, flavonoids and phytochemicals, blueberry smoothie is excellent for fighting diseases and benefits every cell of your body.


Frozen or fresh organic
1 cup milk/ almond milk or oat milk
1 banana
1tbsp. of chia seed
1tbsp of hemp seed
A pinch of powder

Blend all the ingredients together and drink fresh to get the benefit of this nourishing smoothie.

2. Sweet Punch


1 peeled sweet potato
2 Apples
1 cup Fresh

are great for skin as they contain and E. Drinking this smoothie will help to combat wrinkles, age spots and help you get clear glowing skin while reducing dryness. Spinach contained in this smoothie contains antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties which have amazing health benefits.

3. The Green Juice

The benefit of drinking green juice is that it helps the body alkalize and absolutely beneficial for vegan and vegetarian to get loads of iron and . The sweetness from carrot, apples won’t let you feel that you are drinking a green juice.


Handful of spinach
Handful of kale
1 cucumber
1 chopped apple
3 small carrots
3 stalks celery
Juice of a lemon
½ bunch of parsley
1 cup of coconut water

Blend all ingredients in juicer, except coconut water. After juicing the ingredients, add coconut water and serve.

4. Blood Cleansing Juice

This juice contains beet which helps to cleanse the colon and blood and enhances functioning of liver and gallbladder.


1 medium sized beet
1cup kale leaves
1 radish
1 apple

All ingredients in this juice are helpful in flushing out toxins from the body.

5. Weight Loss Juice

If you are aiming to lose some weight, add more vegetables than fruit in your juice and smoothies to avoid fruit sugar. The cucumber and celery used in this juice will not just hydrate your body but will also keep you full for longer and aid in weight loss. Lemon and pepper will help to speed up metabolism which will lead to more calorie burn.


1 large cucumber
1 Apple
5 Celery stalks
Juice of 1 lemon
A small bunch of cilantro leaves
1 Red bell pepper

Put all ingredients in juicer and to get thin consistency. You can add coconut water or plain water.

6. Juice For Glowing Skin

For youthful and glowing skin, choose fruits and vegetables high in vitamin A, B, C and beta-carotene which are building blocks of soft and supple skin from within.


Spinach-2 Cups
Ginger-1 Inch

Carrots are excellent source of Vitamin A, C and D, pantothenic acid and folic acid. Carrots also contain minerals like magnesium, potassium, copper and sodium all of which are great for maintaining skin cells. Beta carotene present in spinach and apple will help to fight skin damage and cucumber will hydrate the skin and improve your skin tone. The antioxidant qualities of ginger help to prevent premature aging of the skin. Together these ingredients will help to flush out toxins from the skin and help you get soft, supple and youthful skin.

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