6 Top Leucine Rich Foods To Include In Your Diet

Leucine is a branched chain amino acid and it wass discovered in its raw form way back in 1819. One among 9 essential amino acids, leucine, plays a pivotal role in muscle protein synthesis. A hydrophobic amino acid, leucine is also famed for its blood sugar reducing properties. Since the body cannot produce this particular amino acid, one has to make wise dietary choice to meet the daily requirement for leucine. To get an in depth insight into the foods which yield high amounts of this key amino acid, read on.

Here Are 6 Best Leucine Rich Foods:


Parmesan cheese yields a whopping 3452 mg of this essential amino acid per 100gm serving. Swiss cheese, Edam cheese and Gouda cheese are other types of cheese which contain appreciable amounts of this amino acid. Leucine, an important health promoting amino acid, plays a key role in protein synthesis.  This amino acid is vital for the formation of lean muscle mass.

Chicken Breast

Eat plenty of boiled or roasted chicken breast to meet the daily requirement of this unique amino acid. A hundred grams of chicken breast yields almost 2652mg of leucine. Besides chicken breast, turkey breast is also a good source of this branched amino acid. Consuming leucine rich foods like chicken breast is vital to maintain HDL or good cholesterol levels.

Eggs are considered to be one of the best protein food sources of this particular amino acid. A single egg (egg yolk and egg white) yields almost 1.09gms of this essential amino acid. Nutritional studies indicate that this branched amino acid can suppress muscle breakdown by promoting the breakdown of stored fats.


Cod, a cold water fish is high on the list of healthy foods which yield appreciable amounts of leucine. A hundred grams of cooked Pacific cod yields provides almost 3552 mg of this amino acid. Besides cod, other fish like tuna, pike, monkfish and whitefish also yield good amounts of this key amino acid. Dietary research has revealed the fact that consuming adequate amounts of leucine rich foods like cod can help to regulate blood sugar levels.


Including a handful of lightly toasted pumpkin seeds is a delicious way to meet your daily requirement for this amino acid. Just one hundred grams of pumpkin seeds yields almost 2419mg of this essential amino acid. In short, consuming a small bowlful of pumpkin seeds helps to meet almost 89 percent of the RDI for leucine. Besides pumpkin seeds, , chia seeds and sunflower seeds are other good sources of this amino acid.


The amino acid leucine abounds in crunchy peanuts. A 33gms edible portion of peanuts yields almost 502 mg of this essential amino acid. Besides peanuts, cashewnuts, pistachio nuts, and pine nuts also contain good amounts of this amino acid. Consuming leucine rich foods like proteins can help to increase the production of key growth hormones.

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