7 Calcium Rich Super Foods For Bone Health

Here Are 7 Calcium Rich Super Foods To Include In Your Diet:


Yogurt is the easiest way to include calcium in your diet. Low fat yogurt is rich in calcium which keeps your bones strong and healthy. Ensure you are having low sugar yogurt with added fresh or other fruits which will ensure added nutrients in your diet. Yogurt can be used as a dip, in smoothies or simply as an evening satisfying snack. 8 ounces of non fat yogurt contains 452 milligrams of calcium.[1]

2. Chia Seeds

Include organic chia seeds in your diet. Chia seeds are known to have more than 500% calcium generally available in milk. Chia seeds also contain magnesium which is known to help in better absorption of calcium in the body. You can include chia seeds in shakes, in delicious desserts and also stir them into delicious smoothies. [2]You can also include them in rawfood snacks, soups and also in nut butter.

3. Milk

Milk, is the best source of protein and the richest source of calcium necessary for bone health. It is rich in Vitamin D that helps the body to absorb calcium in the best way. Milk can be had everymorning as a part of breakfast or through milk products which includes cottage , yogurt and milk-shakes. Those who are allergic to milk can have which is also equally effective. [3]8 ounces of low fat milk is known to have 290 milligrams of calcium.


Almonds are dairy-free superfood which are rich in calcium. Just a handful of organic almonds is known to be equivalent to 1/4 th cup of milk. If you have 100 grams of almonds everyday, you will be consuming 25% of your daily requirement of calcium. Almonds are rich in magnesium which help in absorbing calcium in the body. [4]You can have almonds as snacks, as toppings for desserts or used in different dessert or other recipes as per your choice.


Tofu which is processed with calcium is an excellent source of the mineral along with other minerals and vitamins. Half a cup of raw tofu contains more than 435 milligrams of calcium. You can include tofu in your daily meals as a side dish.[5]

6. Kale

Green leafy vegetables are a wonderful source of calcium along with many other vitamins and minerals. Kale is rich in magnesium, calcium, vitamins B12, B6 and numerous other nutrients. Magnesium is known to help in better absorption of calcium. Just 100 grams of kale consumption everyday will enrich you with 15% of your daily dose of calcium requirement. You can have kale as part of salads, in soups and as side dishes.[6] Kale chips make a delicious snack, healthier and tastier than regular chips which are available.


Spinach is known to contain more calcium than any other vegetable. One cup of raw spinach offers 29 milligrams of calcium which is at least 10% of your daily calcium requirement. You can have spinach as part of your vegetable soups or side dishes. Cooked spinach can also be included in salads. [7]It is known to help bones get stronger.

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