7 Hemoglobin Enriched Foods You Should Be Aware Of

Haemoglobin is a crucial component which helps to transport oxygen from lungs to all the other cells. It is only found in red blood cells. Haemoglobin production is a necessity for your body. Iron, vitamin B12, vitamin B9 and are few essential elements that are responsible to build up proper amount of haemoglobin in your body. Iron can boost your haemoglobin level quickly. Insufficient haemoglobin causes acute anaemia which is dangerous for health. Few symptoms of low haemoglobin are tiredness, headache, chest pain, shortness of breath. It can also effect on your cardiovascular system. To regulate proper haemoglobin level in the body you should balance your diet with haemoglobin rich food.

Now We Are Going To Discuss About Some Of The Haemoglobin Rich Food Available Around Us:

Red Meat

It is the perfect choice to increase iron and balance your haemoglobin level. Specially, lamb’s liver is the rich source of the highest amount of iron, vitamin B12, vitamin C and foliate. Every 100 gram of meat contains 85.7 mcg of vitamin B12, 400 mcg of foliate, 10.2 mg of iron and 13 mg of vitamin C. Chicken, Turkey and Beef are also considered to be good source of iron.


Egg is an iron rich food with 0.55 mcg of vitamin B12 and 22mcg of foliate. Egg is one of the best foods to hold on the haemoglobin level. It is necessary to add an egg in your daily diet as an excellent source of iron. Iron, foliate and vitamin B12 present in will work together to maintain your haemoglobin level.

Sea Food

Do you love sea food? Then you are a gainer. It has been proved that sea food is a very good source of iron which encourages to increase haemoglobin level in our body. Dried prawn dried Bombay duck, crab, clams, oysters and other sea fish including tuna are the most iron contained food. Clams are the most efficient source of iron and vitamin C.

Pulses and Legumes

Pulses or dals are very good in protein and iron. Pulses are one of the major sources to acquire iron for vegetarians. The most iron contained pulses are lentils. One cup of lentils in regular diet is the most effective source to gain iron. Other than pulses , chickpea and kidney beans are also enriched in iron.


There are many fruits which are efficiently increases haemoglobin level in our body. Some of these fruits are Strawberries, custard apples, water melon, raisins, dried dates and black current. In fact, citrus fruits with vitamin C are powerful to absorb iron from other food. Orange, lemon, litchi and guava are few vitamin C rich fruit which are easily available in each market.


Beetroot is the most effective veggie to increase your haemoglobin level and red blood cells. It contents vitamin C, foliate and iron. Other veggies which can help you for haemoglobin are , cauliflower leaves, cabbage, green peas, sweet potato and broccoli. For good health it is necessary to include these veggies in your daily diet.


Nuts are also good to include your regular diet. You can take nuts as quick and small snack to energize yourself. Crunchy and tasty nuts are always high in iron. Among others almond has the highest iron amount that is 6 %. You can make tasty salads and desserts with nuts and jiggery to charge up your taste buds.

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