7 Pros And Cons Of Egg Diet Plan

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Egg is a source of low carbohydrate, plenty of protein and a lot of minerals. If you want to lose extra weight then few days of egg diet will be a great idea. Egg diet means egg is the primary food or “the only” food. But how many can be taken in a day to stay healthy that is not specified. One can have two to six or more in a day. It will be a wise idea to choose and veggies or and fruits combination in the egg diet.

Now Let Us See Some Pros And Cons Of Egg Diet

Weight Loss

Egg has low carbohydrate. Carbohydrate is the fuel of fat cells. Having eggs means less fat cell in-take. Automatically body will burn reserve fats. It will result in weight loss in the long run.

Decreases Appetite

Egg is a good source of protein and is loaded with all the necessary amino acids. One boiled egg consists of 6.29 grams of protein. That means it adds protein 11 % to the men and 14% to the women’s daily diet. However, it has to be noted that the protein percentage might vary according to the size of the egg. This much high protein content decreases the appetite hence, you tend to eat less.

Healthy Body

Eggs are loaded with zinc, iron and phosphorus. Zinc results in high immunity, whereas iron keeps one strong enough and phosphorus is important for bones and teeth. Apart from these minerals eggs also have selenium which reduces cancer risk and iodine, an essential mineral to control thyroid hormones.

Develops Cell Membrane

Most of the people don’t have the idea of this important nutrient. It develops cell membranes. This nutrient is responsible for appropriate functioning of cells and healthy growth. It has the ability to prevent cancer. Most of the people don’t get enough choline. A whole egg has more than 100 mg choline. Being on egg diet is beneficiary if we think about the amount of choline in our body.

Helps In Burning Calories

Calorie comes from protein and fat. One large boiled egg has 78 calories. Fried egg has 90 calories. But we need minimum 1200 to 1400 calories each day to run our heart and other organs. That means that being low on the calorie count, eggs can be consumed without fear of putting on calories.

Cons of Egg Diet Plan

Risk Of Developing Anemia

Living only on egg diet will leave you with inadequate nutrients. Egg contains lots of proteins but does not have other essential nutrients properties. Egg has deficiency of folic acid and vitamin B-6. It has little amount of , vitamin K and magnesium. One needs to take nutritional supplements in diet to supply body with all the required elements, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins etc.

Risk Of Developing Cholesterol

Being on egg diet at a stretch may increase bad cholesterol level. If one has high cholesterol then only three yolks a week is recommended. Healthy people can intake 300 milligrams of cholesterol whereas two boiled eggs contained 372 milligrams of cholesterol. Experts recommended, eggs in one meal are safer if others have balanced diet because high cholesterol is a threat on heart.

Other Health Hazards

Study shows, Egg diet is harmful to continue more than a week. Body will not get enough of essential nutrients without vegetables, fruits and food grains. Having lots of eggs can be the reason of constipation.

By reading the above mentioned pros and cons of diet you can decide whether you want to include it in your diet or not, depending upon your health condition.

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