7 Serious Side Effects Of Dukan Diet

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Increasing body weight due to modern lifestyle is one of the major concerns these days and many follow strict and special diets to shed those extra pounds. Dukan diet is one such popular weight loss diet. It helps people lose weight successfully and stay healthy. Lot of people including celebs follow dukan diet, but like any other diet, dukan diet also has its own side effects. It is good to know about the side effects before you start on it to prevent any serious health issues.

Side Effects Of Dukan Diet

Bad Breath

People who follow dukan diet often complain of having bad breath. Ketosis is the reason for bad breath due to the low consumption of carbohydrates. It causes embarrassment while talking or sitting close by others. Acetone production because of the high amounts of proteins consumed produces a unique smell and adds to the bead breath.


Gout is one of the major problems of dukan diet. The high protein and less carbohydrate percentage lead to elevated levels of uric acid. The buildup of uric acid in joints results in gout. This condition causes acute joint pain and swelling of joints in legs.

Nutrient Deficiency

Dukan diet is restrictive in nature. It might lead to severe vitamin as well as mineral deficiency. It can also cause antioxidant deficiency and free radical damage. Nutrient deficiency would cause cancer, premature ageing, cataract and heart problem.


Constipation is a common side effect of dukan diet. Small quantities of carbohydrates and lean protein constitute the initial stages of the diet. The insufficient amount of carbohydrates and poor fiber intake results in constipation.

 Kidney Problems

Dukan diet contains high amounts of protein. Scientists say that taking high protein might increase the risk of kidney stones. It can also increase the possibilities of renal diseases. Physicians also fear the diet might result in kidney failure.

Weight Gain

Dukan diet is followed by many people to cut down the extra calories and reduce weight. It is a perfect weight loss diet that was started off in France. It facilitates successful weight loss, but the problem is when one starts with normal diet there are increased chances of regaining the lost weight.

Carbohydrate Withdrawal Symptoms

Many people on dukan diet experience carbohydrate withdrawal signs during the initial stages. The symptoms include fever, nausea, headache, mood swing, and loss of concentration. People may also complain of low energy and fatigue during the initial stages.

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