8 Tips For Atkins Diet Plan

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Following Are The 8 Tips For Atkins Diet Plan:

1. Get A Customized Plan

Get an Atkins diet plan made according to the specific requirement of your body. Make a customized plan after deciding your weight loss goal. Follow either the Atkins 20 plan, which allows you to take twenty net carbohydrates. The Atkins 40 plan allows taking forty grams carbohydrates.

2. Drink Healthy Fluids

Fluids are very important in the Atkins diet. Drink lot of water for hydrating the body and improving the digestion. Don’t take fruit juice. It is harmful to take diet soda. It is an unhealthy drink as it contains artificial sweeteners. Thus, avoid sugary drinks.

3. Take Low-Carb Veggies

The Atkins diet recommends vegetables as a part of a healthy diet. Take vegetables that contain less amount of carbohydrates. and broccoli are healthy vegetable choices. Avoid high carbohydrate veggies like carrot and turnip.

4. Take Healthy Salads

Salads with very little carbohydrates are allowed in the Atkins diet plan. Cucumber, lettuce, radish are healthy salad choices for you. Celery, , and bell peppers are the other salads you can take. You can also take Alfalfa sprouts. Adding herbs like basil, rosemary, and thyme to the salad is beneficial.

5. Avoid Starchy Foods

Since the Atkins diet is about taking a low carbohydrate diet, you should avoid eating starchy vegetables like potatoes. Also, avoid eating bread and pasta. Don’t fulfill your cravings for snacks by eating chips and cookies. Also, avoid foods with sugary carbohydrates like candies.

6. Take Protein Rich Foods

Protein is an important part of the Atkins diet. Eat foods that contain protein for breakfast and the rest of two meals later in the day. You should take foods that contain about four to six ounces protein in all three meals of the day. For this, you can take and poultry. If you want to take lean meats, use olive oil in rest of foods like vegetables and salads.

7. Take Healthy Fats

Take healthy fats like olive oil. Butter and cream made with full-fat milk are a part of the Atkins diet. Take and its oil. Eat and made with whole milk that contains fat. You can also use oil. Avoid foods with Trans fat. Don’t use vegetable oil for cooking food.

8. Take Non-Sugary Foods

Take non-sugary foods. Avoid sugary foods like ice cream. Read labels before buying ready-made foods from the market and check its sugar content. Avoid buying meats and other foods that have sugar in it. Don’t use corn syrup as it contains sugar in the form of fructose. Avoid using artificial sweeteners.

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