8 Wonders Of 7 Day Water Fasting Therapy

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Water is in abundance and the easiest source of energy and nutrition. The feel of water on the skin feels nice and fresh. So if the internal organs are fed with only water for a while, what wonderful will that be. So a 7 day ‘only water’ fast should be the answer to one’s mental and physical problems. Fasting is a very old method in which we eat little or not at all for a stipulated time. This provides the much-needed rest to our digestive system. People suffering from ailments should speak to the doctor before starting this therapy and if someone is unable to continue, can leave it midway. Around 2 litres of water(boiled and cooled) should be consumed in this period. Warm water is highly recommended. People experience mild problems like nausea, weakness and food cravings, but get used to it by day 4-5. Getting back to normal after the therapy takes time so we should go easy on the system, give the body some time to recover and slowly start having our normal diet in a planned way.

The Various Benefits Of This Therapy Are


The digestive organs which had been working almost overtime can finally relax. And relaxation means healing and rejuvenation. Common problems like gastric trouble, colic pain, loss of urge to eat, constipation and, dyspepsia are all cured significantly.


The toxins that were there in the system for so long are finally flushed out and so are the allergy causing germs. Various allergies like eczema and asthma show improvement,  and the metabolism of the body is restored.
Skin and hair- If allergies and stomach problems are eradicated, the skin starts glowing. Water hydrates the skin and hair fall problems are also solved.The eyes shine bright and the body feels energetic.


This could be the biggest reason for doing the 7-day water therapy. Persons on an average can lose up to 3-5 kg of body weight. This weight loss is mostly water from the body and no muscle loss. If not carefully handled, the lost weight can be gained easily, so to keep losing this weight we should keep the diet under control even after the fasting gets over. This therapy makes us learn the art of keeping the mind in control, whereby which we can control our hunger pangs.

Heart Problems And Diabetes

Various heart-related diseases seem to respond to fasting and even patients of diabetes type 2 are known to be benefitted from it. But do take the doctors opinion before availing benefits of this therapy.

Joint Pains

Fasting is known to reduce inflammatory actions in the body, minimise stiffness and pain in the joints. It is good for patients of arthritis and gout.


Since the brain is in control, so are its various diseases. Problems like depression, schizophrenia, neurosis and insomnia are reduced considerably. Water therapy is said to promote long life and well being in people.


No ‘self-control’ is the basic root cause of all problems in the world. By controlling food cravings, we learn to practice control on ourselves and hence the mind also. And if we can handle the gears of the mind, which is the storehouse of all negative thoughts, all difficulties in the world can be solved. Clear thinking is achieved, we are happy with what we have, and learn to enjoy a stress-free life.

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