9 Best DIY Remedies For High Creatinine Levels

Creatinine is actually a chemical waste that is generated from the muscle metabolism. It mainly passes down through the kidneys. High range of Creatinine proves that the kidney is not working well. There is certain normal range of Creatinine in the human body. The level of Creatinine is less in woman than man due to less muscle mass as compared to men. Increase in the level of Creatinine can prove to be harmful to human body. Application of some best DIY remedies can help to cut the high rate of Creatinine and bring it to normal level. To know more about the DIY remedies for high Creatinine level, go through the below information.

Some Of The Best Diy Remedies For High Creatinine Levels Are:

Cinnamon contains diuretic properties that can help to balance the level of Creatinine and take care of kidney. People suffering from Creatinine can take cinnamon for best results. It is very helpful in regulation of blood sugar levels. Take cinnamon in various types of food stuffs such as warm beverages and other foods.


Astragalus can be the best remedy to treat Creatinine. Its diuretic property is best to treat the problem of Creatinine. The diuretic property will also help to remove fluid from the kidneys. Take some Astragalus root and slice it properly. Add it some water and put it on boiling state. Drink this tea for best kind of results.

Take Less Sodium

Intake of more amount of sodium can result in increase in the level of Creatinine. All kinds of salty food items can be avoided in order to reduce down the level of sodium from the food. Keeping a check in the amount of sodium intake will help to balance the level of Creatinine.

Herbal Tea

Herbal tea is very much effective in reducing the level of Creatinine. People suffering from high Creatinine level must make sure to take herbal tea on daily basis. It will be better to use some best herbal packs in the tea to gain better benefit from it. Dandelion root can be used in the tea for best results. They will help to reduce the level of Creatinine in blood.

Dandelion Root

Dandelion root can be the best remedy to treat high level of Creatinine level. The dandelion root is high in diuretic property and thus protects the kidney from unnecessary problems. It will also help the kidney to function in a very perfect manner. Take some dandelion root in the form of powder and put it into a cup of water. Boil it for some time and strain the liquid from it. This particular tea is very good for health and can reduce the level of Creatinine in blood. Repeat the process on daily basis in order to get best results.

Siberian Ginseng

Siberian ginseng is one of the best supplements that contain eleutheroside, which can effectively reduce down the level of Creatinine in the blood level. This supplement is going to help in renal circulation and thus keep kidney in good condition. Thus it will also reduce the level of Creatinine in the body. It is a best remedy that can be taken for best results.

Nettle Leaves

Nettle leaf is very much effective in handling the level of Creatinine in the human body. It will help to enhance the process of renal excretion and thus bring the level of Creatinine under control. Nettle leaf mainly contains flavonoids and histamines that can increase the flow of blood to kidneys. It can be taken in various forms such as tea or supplements. Make some tea with nettle leaves and sip it on daily basis.

Consume Water

Water is the best solution for many types of health problems. Make sure to take sufficient amount of water in your diet in order to remove the problem of high Creatinine level. A person should take around 5 liters of water in order to remove all kinds of health issues. Taking sufficient amount of water will help to urinate more and thus flushing out extra Creatinine through the urine.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea can work wonder to provide best kinds of results for reducing the level of Creatinine in the blood. This particular herb is very useful to treat various other kinds of health issues. Take some amount of chamomile flowers and put in a cup of water. Boil the solution and strain the tea to drink. Repeat the process for few days in order to get best results and maintain level of Creatinine.

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