9 Health Benefits Of Following A Vegetarian Diet Plan

Until recently, it was believed that being a vegetarian deprives one of many essential nutrients; in order to be strong and healthy, it was thought that intake of non-vegetarian food is a must. However, with a number of studies and research going into understanding vegetarian diet, it is now accepted by a majority of persons, that adopting a vegetarian diet is one of the best and easiest ways to avoid chronic diseases.

Let Us Look At The Benefits Of Following A Vegetarian Diet:

Good On The Tummy:

Most vegetarian foods are easy to digest. Of course, foods made of refined flour while giving a feeling of fullness, take a long time to digest. Leaving aside such foods which are stripped of their goodness, a vegetarian food which is rich in fruit and vegetable is good for the tummy!

Non vegetarian foods, excluding some like seafoods, take a longer time to digest.

Greater Immunity:

Research says that vegetarians have a greater immunity and a better defence system against diseases. This is due to the fact that they get greater chances to include lots of fruits and vegetables rich in , when compared to non-vegetarians. Fruits like oranges, gooseberries and vegetables like , broccoli etc., help in providing a strong immunity for vegetarians.

Protection Against Cancer:

A vegetarian diet helps one to avoid certain types of cancer. For example, research studies point out that red meat eaters are more prone to colon cancer when compared to vegetarians. This is due to the fact that vegetables and fruits are rich in fibre and help in keeping our bowels clean.

For A Slimmer And Fitter ‘you’:

It has been found that vegetarians and occasional meat eaters are fitter than regular meat eaters. The reason has been attributed to the fact that a vegetarian diet provides healthy vitamins, minerals and phyto nutrients while a meat diet adds on weight by piling up unhealthy fats in the body.

Stronger And Healthier Hearts:

A planned vegetarian diet helps a person have a healthy heart. When one avoids unhealthy fats, often associated with a non-vegetarian diet, there is lesser chance for arterial clogging. Also, the magnesium and potassium found in vegetables and fruits help in regulating blood pressure. Most of the vegetables contribute to good cholesterol and simulteneously reduce the amount of bad cholesterol. All this aids in a healthy heart.

Women’s Health:

Many women are reluctant to give up a non-vegetarian diet as they feel that their calcium requirement would not be met by adopting a vegetarian diet. However, by regularly eating vegetarian products like soy, finger millets and flax seeds, this problem can easily be overcome. In fact, a study on a group of elderly women who consumed finger millets regularly, suggested that these women did not suffer from diseases like osteoporosis and arthritis.

Avoiding Type 2 Diabetes:

Since vegetarians predominantly follow a plant-based diet, it is easier to keep their blood sugar levels under check. By adopting a proper vegetarian diet plan, diabetics who fall in the type 2 category can avoid medication for a longer time. Of course, this needs to be coupled with regular exercise or yoga.

More Active And Energetic:

Recent findings indicate that vegetarians are more active and energetic than their non-vegetarian counterparts. Ofcourse, ‘vegetarians’ here mean those who eat a planned diet which comprises of foods which provide the right amount of nutrients.

Being more active may be attributed to the fact that vegetarians get good amounts of proteins, minerals and vitamins. Also, a vegetarian diet causes lower amounts of calories, saturated fats and cholesterol.

Sensitive Human Beings:

To adopt vegetarianism is one of the best decisions to become sensitive human beings. Often, the animals which are consumed as part of non-vegetarian diet are tortured and killed in gruesome ways before processing them into meat. Some studies suggest that these animals release harmful chemicals which get ingested by the meat eaters.

Final Tip:

Work out with a nutritionist to make a proper vegetarian diet plan. This should be drafted in such a way that you consume a balanced diet, always!

Always prefer organically grown vegetables and fruits. Better still, grow them in your backyard!

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