9 Powerful Reasons To Eat Bananas

Banana is one of the most lovable fruits among people who are likely to eat something instantly. On the other hand, many fast food lovers and children are there who don’t love eating banana. Well, this potassium rich fruit has lots of good properties for which you will plan eating them well now. Check out the list of top reasons to eat bananas-

High Fiber Food

Whenever you are advised by the physician to at high fiber food, you can easily choose bananas to add in your diet. Apart from offering you instant energy and encouraging bowel movement, this rich fiber food keeps your digestive system in good position.

Aiding Digestion

Do you know that eating bananas aids digestion? If no, check out this points that describe how banana helps in maintenance of your digestive function:

• Acting like a prebiotic, this fruit promotes growth of friendly bacteria in bowels. In this way, generation of digestive enzymes takes place that help in absorption of nutrients.

• Banana aid digestion by bearing pecin and it simply help excretion of toxins and heavy metals from the body.

• It is also seen that banana helps to get rid of constipation as it contains high fiber, that’s how it maintains normal bowel motility.

• Similarly, loose motions can also be treated by eating bananas as it normalizes the function digestive tract and restores electrolytes in the body after dehydration.

• Being a natural antacid, banana works by relieving from stomach ulcers, heartburns and acid reflux.

Potassium Rich Food

Potassium is an important nutrient to help regulation of blood pressure and keeping the heart function normal. Also, it is helpful for avoiding osteoporosis as it avoids calcium extraction from bones and keep them strong.

Get Glowing Skin And Hair

This one is really a good point to be noticed about banana intake. In order to treat devastating skin problems like acne, psoriasis nothing can be better idea than banana consumption. Apart from offering your skin moisture, it works by removal of toxins from the body that eventually works to glow up the skin. Apart from this, rubbing banana peels on skin is also good idea to restore fresh and dazzling look.

Avoid Chances Of Stroke

Banana is good eatable for people suffering from blood pressure and heart diseases. The high potassium and low salt fruit is good for lowering the blood pressure and working against heart attack. Strengthening the blood content and avoiding anemia is also an additional advantage of eating banana.

Depression Suppressor

As banana possesses good level of tryptophan, it helps overcoming depression and stress. The tryptophan content possesses by banana is ultimately transforms into serotonin which is a kind of neuro-transmitter that promotes happiness. Moreover, women who undergo mood swing during PMS symptoms can reduce depression by eating banana as it works as a stress reliever.

Treatment For Muscular Cramp And Swelling

If you suffer muscular cramping and swelling during workout, eating banana helps a lot. Apart from this, fighting calcium loss during urination and strengthening bones is also an added benefit. If you want to make your nervous system strong and powering up memory, the high level of vitamin B complex in banana helps a lot.

Easy Weight Loss

People who are interested in losing body weight without facing lack of energy, the idea of eating banana daily is good so far. On the other hand, those who are willing gain weight, can choose rating banana smoothies or banana shake daily. Eating two bananas regularly with milk is also a simple way to gain body weight rapidly.

Increase Immunity

Banana directly promotes production of white blood cells, one of the leading fighters of the body. Good amount of white blood cells in blood powers up immunity so that you will be able to fight with pathogens and bad bacteria.

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