Definitive Guide On Types Of Proteins And Their Benefits

Most protein supplement available in the market is in a powdery form. These can be taken along with water, milk and even juices, which make them easily digestible. Protein shakes are excellent for people who are looking to lose weight without going hungry at meal times. Protein supplements are recommended for cancer patients, for people who suffer from diabetes, post surgery and even for those who are into bodybuilding and sports.

There are various kinds of protein supplements available in the body. The fact is that more almost 45% of the human body is constituted of proteins. Every function of the body that requires the movement of muscles would be quite impossible without the presence of proteins. Actually the use of proteins cannot be overemphasised. What makes these supplements categorically different from each other is nothing but their source.

Some Of The Protein Supplements Are Discussed Below For Better Understanding:

Whey Protein

The source of whey protein is nothing but milk. Whey protein is naturally made in the process of making from milk and thus easily digested. It is one of the most popular protein supplements and is taken by people from different walk of life all over the world. Whey protein is best for building up muscle mass. People who are into body building take the whey supplement regularly. It is also helpful in repairing the muscle post workout sessions. Whey protein is not great on taste but can be taken with drinks as well as meals. It is an inexpensive protein supplement which is found in plenty.


The source of casein is also milk. This protein is little heavy on the digestive system and take up to seven hours to be digested. This is good as it steadily keeps supplying amino acids to the body. This protein too unpleasant in taste and is not as soluble as the whey. It is for this reason that it is available in a variety of flavors. This supplement too helps in building and repairing muscles and promotes overall good health. However, people who are allergic to milk should not take casein and opt for other forms instead.

Soy Protein

This protein is extracted from the Soya beans. Soya beans contain all the 8 amino acids and hence this is a complete protein source. This protein is excellent for vegetarians and for people who are allergic to milk proteins. The best part about this form of protein is that it does not contain any cholesterol or saturated fats. Other than that soy protein does not even raise the level of blood sugar and thus is recommended for diabetic people too. Soy protein is recommended more to women as it reduces the chances of breast cancer and helps in reducing post and pre menopausal signs. This protein is more popular among women though it is perfectly safe for men too. is a great form of protein for those who are lactose intolerant.

Rice Protein

It is a hypoallergenic source of protein which causes no allergies at all. It is gluten free too. The rice protein supplements are inexpensive and can be bought from the medical stores too. Rice protein too is available in the form of powder can be taken as shakes or added to bakes and even be used in cooking. Rice protein is an incomplete protein thus most of the supplement manufacturers add the missing amino acids to the rice protein to make it complete. The protein is resultant from the grain endosperms, which is also known as the “raw food technique”. It is a vegan protein supplement that can be easily consumed and provides easier digestion as compared to other forms of proteins. It is also one of the most commonly given forms of proteins to the elderly and kids because it can be easily chewed and digested.

Egg Protein

Egg is commonly used for breakfast in most households. It is easy to cook, tasty and can be made in a variety of styles. For people who need more protein and making is a hassle, they can choose to take the egg protein supplement. This protein is sourced from the egg whites and like all other protein supplements is available in the powdered form. One can even choose to buy egg protein bar supplements and meal replacements. The egg protein takes medium time to get digested. The time for digestion would be anywhere from one to three hours. It is a complete protein and is an excellent source for people who are lactose intolerant. Egg protein supplement is easily available and is inexpensive.

Milk Protein

Any protein that is derived from milk and is not either whey or casein is referred to as milk protein. Such supplements are available in the market easily. They can even be the simple form of milk solids. It is a good source when it is a combination of casein and whey. People intolerant to lactose should avoid milk protein supplements. This is because the amount of lactose present in the supplement is unknown and can aggravate the allergy. However, there are various supplement versions available of this protein thanks to technology. The same can make up for the loss of this protein.

Protein Supplements

These are the most commonly used protein supplements. They are easily available and not very expensive too. It is very important to read the labels of the supplements that one plans to purchase. There may be slight difference from one brand to another while the basics will remain the same. There are other protein supplements available in the market too that contain whey, casein and soy protein. Even other proteins are equally good for the body. Choosing a protein supplement should be based on the diet, lifestyle and body type. It is best to take consultation from nutritionists about the best protein supplement which will compliment a person’s diet. This is because too much of anything is injurious and protein is not an exception. Protein supplement should balance the diet and fulfill the need of the body.

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