DIY Remedies For Excessive Menstruation

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Heavy menstrual bleeding is also known as menorrhagia and it is a condition where the woman experiences excessive or prolonged bleeding during their menstruation periods. Due to this type of bleeding, the patient looses heavy bloods and experiences cramps; hence the patient can not able to maintain their day to day activities. Conditions like large blood clots passing, bleeding for weeks and even the anemia make the condition of the patient more complicated during this period. These types of condition can be prevented completely by means of the following natural remedies.

DIY Remedies For Excessive Menstruation:


This is very helpful for the patient of excessive menstruation for its innate properties. This helps to control the blood flow in patient and reduce the pain during the periods. The patient needs to dissolve some amount of cayenne in a little amount of warm water and should drink that solution for 3 times a day to get relief. On the other hand the patient can use cayenne capsules for relaxations.


This herb is very useful in balancing the feminine bodily hormone of the body i.e. the progesterone. A pinch of asafetida should be taken directly with water to balance the menstrual period related disorders. Moreover the patient can mix some ghee and buttermilk with this product and should take 3 teaspoons of this mixture once at a time to stop the bleedings.


The leaves of this plant are useful in generating high immune system as well as pain bearing capacity in the female body. The patient need to chew this plant leaves directly or need to make the juice of the leaves with honey. This juice must be taken by the patient at least 3 times a day to get optimum result.

Diet Control

When you start experiencing the symptoms of excessive menstruation, you should avoid caffeine, alcohol and salty foods. When you get a stomach pain, eat small meals instead of the large ones to reduce pressure on the abdomen. Beside this, you should do regular exercise & go for plenty of sleeps to balance the hormones.

It helps the patient to make a good sleep habit. The habit can be persuaded by taking brew of cinnamon before you go to bed. Chamomile tea can be used as a relaxing bedtime choice during this period to get good sleep.


This is a quite powerful anti-inflammatory popular in households during the pain and used as a pain balm for great relief. This is used as tea bags and the tea should be drunk regularly for better results. On the contrary the dried chamomile is mixed with water to form a paste which should be applied to vaginal surfaces when the patient gets acute issues during the bleeding to relieve pain.

Basil leaves

It is one of the traditional methods of curing any kind of inflammation and pain in the body as it contains caffeic acid which has analgesic properties. First of all crush some fresh basil leaves and extract the juice from those leaves and add honey & 2 cups of boiling water with it. Then steep it for few second by covering it tightly. Then cool this tea and take ½ cup, in every single hour to reduce painful menstruations.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Equal parts of apple cider vinegar and coriander seeds should be boiled properly and it should be kept in a dry place for some time. After that you need to intake the solution to stop the bleeding immediately. This solution should be taken 3 to 4 times a day to reduce the swelling and bumping on the vaginal surfaces.

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