Top 10 Benefits Of Apple Juice

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away” is an old saying, but have you ever wondered why our textbooks, teachers and our mother tell this to us? Apples are considered to be a super food. With vitamins and minerals packed, it’s a complete food in itself and is enjoyed by everyone worldwide because of its color, texture, juiciness and taste.Apples are cultivated in many countries across the globe and are available in different varieties, the most common ones are: Red delicious, Pink Lady, Fuji, Gala and Golden delicious to name a few. Apples can be eaten either in raw form or as juice, which in anyways is highly beneficial for human health.

Here Are The Top 10 Benefits Of Apple Juice:

Maintains A Healthy Eyesight

is found in abundance in apple juice, which helps in improving eye sight, preventing eye disorders & keeping them healthy.

Keeps You Safe From Diabetes 

Drinking of apple juice regularly controls blood sugar level of the body. Due to the presence of phenolic acids it helps in secretion of more insulin which helps in absorption of glucose from the digestive tract.

Gives You A Healthy Heart

Apples are considered great for the heart, with phytonutrients, phenolic compounds and antioxidants like polyphenol and flavonoids it counters health hazards like cardiovascular diseases and controls high blood pressure. It also helps in fighting the free radicals found in the body, eliminating body ailments and increasing immunity power.

Helps Your Body In Its Fight To Keep Cancer Away

Apple juice works wonder against cancer producing cells due to antioxidants like flavonoids and phenolic acid.It helps in preventing tumours and cancers, especially lung cancer, skin cancer and breast cancer. According to American Institute for Cancer Research, apple juice along with its skin offers more cancer preventing benefits.

Detoxifies The Liver

Apple juice is alkaline in nature which is highly beneficial for the liver as it detoxifies it by flushing out toxins and waste. It also maintains the pH level of the body.Pectin which is found in the apple skin improves digestive function.

Absorbs Away Extra Cholesterols

Apple juice has low calorific value and helps is lowering bad cholesterol level in the body. Regular consumption of apple juice also helps in losing weight.

Helps In Healthy Movement Of Bowel

Apple juice contains sorbitol and natural laxative which helps in smoother bowel movement and thus relieves constipation.

Increases Immunity

Apple juice have high content of which helps in boosting the immune system and thus keeping you away from different diseases caused by viruses and germs.

Keeps Asthma Away

Apple juice contains flavonoids which are highly beneficial for preventing asthma, it keeps the lungs strong and healthy. Researchers have found that those who consume apple juice on a daily basis have better breathing and lung function than non-consumers.

Makes Your Skin Glow And Give You Healthy Hair

For beautiful and glowing skin,and lustrous hair drink a glass of apple juice every day. It is used widely in home remedies to cure problems like skin inflammation, wrinkles, cracked skin, itching, pimples and acne.

You should add this amazing fruit juice in your daily diet, it will not only keep the diseases at bay but would also make your skin beautiful and glowing. Drinking a glass of apple juice is equivalent to taking 10 types of vitamins at a time. It contains lots of minerals too and is completely calorie free!

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