Top 10 Incredible Health Benefits Of Pumpkin

is not just a great tasting vegetable that makes great tasting pies and cakes but also a ‘super food’ that can have some amazing health benefits for your health. Here is a list of the health benefits that can be bestowed upon you by including it in your daily diet.

Here Are The Top 10 Incredible Health Benefits Of Pumpkin:

Weight Management:

Pumpkin contains high amount of fiber that takes longer to get digested and hence keeps you fuller. This in turn makes you fight hunger pangs for a longer time, preventing you from eating more. If binge eating is your weakness, try snacking on delicious pumpkin muffins and you will not pile on calories.

Low Blood Pressure:

Certain elements like the phytoestrogens in the pumpkin seeds are said to help maintain the blood pressure from shooting up, so regular intake of pumpkin seeds can can keep your blood pressure at optimum levels. Pumpkins also have potassium that is essential in treating hypertension. Start munching on pumpkin seeds and see the difference.

Boosts Eye Sight:

Pumpkin contains large amounts of beta carotene and vitamin-A, that protect your vision and also help improve it. It can also help in the prevention of certain degenerative disorders of the eyes.

Sleep Peacefully:

Pumpkin contains tryptophan in ample amounts, that induces the production of seratonin. Seratonin helps in relaxation and aids a peaceful sleep. It also helps in calming down and destressing, enhancing the mood. If stress or foul mood is keeping you away from a good night’s sleep, make yourself some pumpkin smoothie and sleep like a baby!

Heart Health:

Pumpkin has blood pressure lowering components in it and also helps keep your cholesterol under check. These, together with the high fiber content of the vegetable, makes it a great food for heart health. The potassium in pumpkins may also help in reducing the chances of heart strokes.

Men’s Health:

Pumpkin seeds contain good amounts of zinc, which plays a key role in the production of testosterone, the hormone that is essential for the sexual health and fertility in men. The phytoestrogens also offers protection from prostrate cancer, making it an important component of daily diet.

Great Skin:

The vitamin-A content of pumpkin works on making your skin stay healthy and glowing. The beta-carotene, antioxidants and vitamin-E also possess anti-ageing benefits  aiding in cell renewal and can take away a few years from your face. The zinc in the pumpkin seeds also regulates the sebaceous gland functions and hence an imbalance in the oil secretions can be resolved by consuming these seeds regularly.

Intestinal Health:

Research has shown that pumpkin seems to have the ability to remove intestinal parasites. Regular consumption of pumpkin can eliminate any parasites that may be residing in the gut and  additionally, the high fiber content of pumpkin helps in digestion of your food and prevents problems like constipation.

A Storehouse of Nutrients:

Pumpkin is a ‘super-food’ that has several essential vitamins like Vitamin-A, C, E and the B-complex vitamins. It also has several anti-oxidants and also minerals like folate, copper, Iron, potassium, phosphorus, Riboflavin etc. It is perfect for people with vitamin deficiencies and can be a great supplement for patients too.

Immunity Boost:

Pumpkin possesses a good amount of these immunity boosting anti-oxidants that keep you away from several common infections and pathogens. The vitamin-C content in this vegetable also contributes to a strong immune system. Pumpkins also posses anti-inflammatory properties that can keep you away from several diseases.

You can curry them up, bake into a pie or muffin, make delicious dips with pumpkin puree or churn up an interesting soup to warm up a cold night. You can use the seeds as a garnish on salads and desserts or just snack on them.  The options are just endless so relish these veggies in numerous ways and stay healthy!

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