Top 10 Super Foods For Older Adults

If you have parents and relatives above the age of fifty, you need to take special care of the health of the elderly. The elderly need to be protected from diseases and health problems. A good nutritious diet helps in fulfilling this purpose. The diet should include foods that nourish the body and prevent diseases. The elderly need a diet that has less fat. They should limit the intake of salt and sugar. Some foods improve the healthy of our elderly population. The foods help in preventing and curing health problems caused by aging. We will discuss about such foods here. The top 10 super foods for older adults are as follows.


Coffee is a healthy drink for the elderly people. Regular intake of this drink helps in preventing heart disease and stroke. It can prevent breast cancer in women. Drinking coffee can help in protecting you from diabetes and respiratory diseases. The drink helps in preventing Alzheimer’s in older adults. The daily intake of coffee for the elderly should be three cups.

Blueberries are super fruits that improve the health of older adults. The berry controls cholesterol due to its high fiber content. It helps in preventing diabetes by controlling blood sugar. The berry is a rich source of Vitamins and antioxidants. Blueberry contains a lot of manganese.


Cranberries are the other for seniors. The berry has a tart taste. It contains the flavonoids antioxidants. This nutrient helps in preventing cancer by fighting the free radical damage. Cranberry also protects you from urinary tract infections. The bacterium that causes this infection is resistant to antibiotic medicines. The infection can be treated well by taking cranberry. You can also take cranberry juice.


Kale is a green leafy vegetable with high amounts of nutrients. It has Vitamin K, an important nutrient that helps in blood clotting. The vegetable contains omega 3 fats also. It is very good for the bones due to its high calcium content. Kale is good for the health of eyes as it has a nutrient called lutein. The vegetable contains fiber also. You can eat kale cooked as a vegetable or in the form of juice.

Spinach is another green leafy vegetable that is very good for our seniors. The vegetable contains high levels of folate, a nutrient that helps in preventing heart disease and stroke. Spinach contains antioxidants with anti aging properties. Spinach helps in controlling cholesterol levels. It prevents macular degeneration due to aging. Eating spinach can protect the elderly from dementia. You can eat spinach vegetable or drink its soup.


Encourage your elderly loved ones to drink juices. Fruit juice contains many nutrients and it helps in cleansing the body. Apple, orange, pineapple and juice are very good for health. You can also drink vegetable juice. Carrot and beetroot juice are great for health. The juice helps in improving the health of digestive system. The juice should be freshly extracted.

Dairy Foods

The elderly people should include dairy foods in their diet. The foods help in improving bone health while preventing and treating the problem of brittle bones. Eating dairy foods can help in preventing osteoporosis. Milk is the best dairy food with lot of calcium. You can also take and . Ensure that the dairy foods have low fat. The dairy foods also contain Vitamin D. The daily intake of dairy foods should be minimum 3 servings.


Flaxseed is an important vegetarian source of omega 3 fats. It helps in curing inflammation, which is the main cause of many diseases. Including the seed in your diet can help in preventing heart disease. Grind flaxseed to get its powder. Add the powder to dishes like salads, yogurt and breakfast cereals. Flaxseed helps in preventing cancer and arthritis. You can take also.

Walnuts are also good sources of omega 3 fats. The nut contains a lot of protein. Eating the nut can help the elderly people in controlling cholesterol levels. Walnuts provide a lot of energy. The nut helps in increasing good cholesterol in the body, which prevents heart disease. It helps in the proper functioning of blood vessels.

Fatty Fishes

Fatty fishes are excellent foods for non-vegetarian people. The fish contains a lot of omega 3 fats, a nutrient that helps in improving health. The nutrient is very good for brain health. It helps in curing inflammation. Fatty fishes are very good for patients who have arthritis. It helps in curing joint pain. Eating the fish can help in preventing heart attack. It controls blood pressure also. Salmon is the best fatty fish for older adults. You should eat wild salmon. Burgers made with salmon are very healthy. Don’t eat farm raised salmon.

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