Top 11 Ways To Increase Your Calcium Level

Calcium is an important nutrient required for the proper functioning of our body organs. It improves the health of our bones and teeth. It is required for making nervous system and muscular system healthy. Lack of calcium in diet causes many types of health problems including weak bones and teeth. It is the major cause of bone diseases like bone loss and osteoporosis. Bone problems cause movement difficulties and fracture through falling. We can prevent calcium deficiency by taking foods that contain this nutrient. It is also useful to avoid food habits that are not good for getting calcium. We will give some tips for this.

Following Are The Top 11 Ways To Increase Your Calcium Level.

Eat Dairy Foods

Dairy foods are the best sources of calcium. Eating these foods will help in preventing calcium deficiency. Milk, and are healthy foods for us. Make sure that dairy foods you choose contain very less amount of fat.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetable are non-dairy foods that contain calcium. Include kale and arugula in diet. It is very healthy to eat collard greens. Avoid as stops the absorption of calcium. Watercress is another healthy vegetable that you can eat.

Avoid Phytate

Avoid foods that contain phytate. It is a type of acid, which does not allow calcium to be absorbed in our body. The acid is present in foods like beans and nuts. Thus, you should avoid such foods. Seeds also contain phytate so avoid them.

Avoid Calcium Blocking Drinks

Some drinks stop the absorption of calcium in our body. Caffeinated drinks are the biggest culprits. Soft drinks are not good for absorbing calcium. You should avoid these drinks. Avoid alcohol as it is not good for getting calcium.

Herbs and Spices

Some herbs and spices contain minute amounts of calcium. It is beneficial to include them in diet. Use herbs like basil and thyme for flavoring the food. You can also take rosemary and oregano. Use spices like . Cook food with garlic. Use parsley for garnishing various dishes.


We need Vitamin D for absorbing calcium in our body. Catfish is a healthy fish for non-vegetarian people. The fish is rich in Vitamin D so it is very good for getting enough calcium. The fish is inexpensive to buy.

Sunlight Exposure

Apart from food sources, you can also get Vitamin D through sunlight. Sitting in the sunlight without applying sunscreen will help in getting Vitamin D, which helps in calcium absorption. The best time to get sunlight exposure is before ten o clock in morning. Avoid sunlight after this time.

Avoid Sodium and Protein

Foods with sodium and protein are not good for absorbing calcium. When we eat these foods, calcium is removed from our body through urine. Thus, avoid foods with sodium and protein. Take potassium rich foods to fight sodium.

Eat Magnesium Foods

Foods that contain magnesium help in absorbing calcium. The best food sources of magnesium are turnip, Swiss chard, broccoli, cucumber, , nuts and sea vegetables. Include these foods in your diet.

Take Supplements

Apart from foods, you can also get calcium through supplements. It is an easy way to get nutrients. Supplements are sold in the market as tablets and capsules. Always take the supplements after consulting a doctor.

Reduce Sweating

Reduce the amount of sweat. It helps in preventing calcium loss in our body. The body loses large amounts of calcium when we sweat during exercise. Do exercise and workout in such a way that there is very less sweating.

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