Top 12 Foods That Help Prevent Hair Fall

If there is one thing that can be very depressing it is hair fall. But by eating these super foods you can prevent hair fall to quite an extent. This is because hair fall is more often than not related to wrong dietary habits. By eating the right kind of food this can be easily reduced.

Rich in nutrients potassium, zinc, iron and others, eggs are rich in biotin as well which is well-known for helping with hair growth and reducing hair loss. Including eggs in the diet for a minimum of fortnight at a go can yield amazing results. You can also apply egg on the hair before rinsing off with shampoo.

There are two vitamins A and C which are great hair conditioners. Not only do they stimulate growth, they also control hair fall. Spinach is rich in these as well as potassium, iron and Omega 3 acid.  All these work together to give healthy and nourished scalp. Spinach can be had in many forms – salad, soups, cooked or even as juice.


have a high content of magnesium, the deficiency of which leads to hair loss. While the application of almond oil enriches the hair and nourishes the scalp, eating a few daily can help you fill your magnesium quota.


Omega 3 acid is a nutrient that is used mainly for treating hair fall. It works on the follicle and scalp and makes them healthier. Salmon is rich in this omega 3 which cannot be naturally produced by the human body. A good fatty fish, salmon is usually had cooked, baked or even grilled.


They are very good source of iron which is necessary for hemoglobin production. When there is a good blood flow to the scalp then hair growth is promoted. Raisins can not only satisfy your sweet tooth, but also help prevent hair fall.

Wheat Germ

The key ingredient in wheat germ that makes it a super food for fighting hair fall is zinc. Since hair fall is also associated with GI tract issues, which is associated with zinc deficiency, including wheat germ in the diet can help solve that deficiency. Add it to your breakfast menu by sprinkling it onto your cereals or eat it with to avail the benefits of as well.


Everyone knows that seafood is very good for health, with mussels and oysters ranking high on the list. This is because seafood has good amounts of zinc, sulphur and fatty acids. These prevent hair fall and keep the hair in a healthy and nourished condition.


The super food that is rich in beta-carotene, carrot is excellent not only to control hair fall but also to improve vision. They can be had in the form of salad, juice or even in soup. But including in the diet can be a sure shot way of having healthy and shiny hair.

Citrus fruits

While iron is necessary for the body to have sufficient amount of hemoglobin, is required by the body for absorption of iron. With increased blood flow the scalp is healthy and thus, hair growth is promoted. Including citrus fruits like oranges and lemons in the diet is a good bet.

Bean Sprouts/Cucumber

While the other super foods are good sources of minerals or vitamins, they do not necessarily contain silica that is essential for absorbing the vitamin/mineral in the body. Bean sprouts and cucumber however are rich in silica and thus eating them can reduce hair fall. Another great source of silica is bell peppers.


The high amount of zinc, fiber and iron that are present in oats make it a super food for managing hair fall. There is also the presence of omega 3 in oats so a bowl of oats as a breakfast is a healthy way to start your day in more ways than one. This food is great for the body and also for the hair as it stimulated growth and makes them grow thicker.


are good sources of omega 3 acid and eating it improves the texture of the hair. The Vitamin B1 and 6 that are present in the walnut stimulate growth. Selenium is another mineral present in walnut that prevents fall. So plan your diet to include these super food items and say goodbye to hair fall!

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