Top 15 Diet Tips For Diabetics With Kidney Disease

Following Are The Top 15 Diet Tips For Diabetics With Kidney Disease:

Take Regular Meals

Take regular meals. You should eat food three times daily. Give a gap of six hours between two meals. People who are not able to eat the full meal should take snacks instead of that. Choose healthy snacks.

Take Small Portions Of Food

Taking big portions of food is not healthy for kidney disease and diabetes. Control the amount of food you eat by taking small portions of food. Eat less food in each serving.

Limit The Intake Of Carbohydrate Foods

You should take the right amount of carbohydrate foods after consulting a dietitian. Decrease the intake of such foods for preventing a rise in blood sugar levels.

Take Refined Grains

You should avoid whole grains and foods made with it. Instead of that, you should eat refined grains. It is safe to eat white bread, pasta, crackers and tortillas made with refined grains.

Take Fat-Free Dairy Foods

Take fat-free milk. Take plain without adding sugar or any other thing to it. If you are making pudding with milk, don’t add sugar to it. Avoid milk products like milk and ice cream.

Limit The Intake Of Protein Foods

You need to take protein rich foods in limited amounts. Take the right amount of protein after consulting a doctor or dietitian. For this, take , , soymilk, and fish.

Use Healthy Fats And Oils

Control the type and amount of fats and oils you use for cooking food. Instead of butter and clarified butter, use cooking oil. Use other types of healthy fats like mayonnaise and olive oil.

Take Foods With Less Phosphorus

Eating too much of foods that contain phosphorus is very harmful for diabetics with kidney disease. Thus, limit the intake of phosphorus-containing foods. Take foods with low phosphorus.

Take Healthy Vegetables

Among the starchy vegetables, you can take corn and peas. Cook potatoes after soaking it in water. Take non-starchy vegetables like , beetroot, okra, , carrot, and beans.

Take Sugar-Free Foods

Foods with simple sugar in it are very bad for kidney disease. Thus, avoid such foods. Take foods with less or no sugar. Don’t take sweets, drinks, desserts, and puddings that contain sugar.

Take Foods With Less Salt

If you have a kidney disease, you need to take salt in a limited amount. The maximum daily intake of salt should be 1,500 mg. Use herbs and spices instead of that. Avoid chips, soups, and processed foods.

Take Foods With Less Potassium

Decrease the intake of foods that contain potassium. You can eat apple, bell pepper, cream , plum, beans, and . Avoid eating banana, tomato, nuts, seeds, raisins and .

Take Low Glycemic Foods

Take low glycemic index foods that do not have potassium and phosphorus. You should add lemon juice to foods you eat for decreasing the GI value.

Take Non-Veg Foods With Less Salt

Non-vegetarian patients who have diabetes along with kidney problems should eat meat or fish that contains less amount of salt or sodium in it. Take fatty fishes cooked with less salt.

Avoid Canned Foods

Canned foods contain a high amount of salt and it can be harmful to the kidney. Thus, avoid canned foods and soups. Don’t take canned and pickles.

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