Top 15 Foods That Cut Down Cravings And Keep You Full Longer

Diet conscious people and weight watchers have found the truth and busted myth that eating in small proportions helps in weight loss. Truth is eating foods that keep you full for longer duration is the key to weight watching and keeping off diseases. Fiber rich and protein rich foods are adept at satiating your hunger for longer periods as they slow down the digestion process and normalize blood sugar levels.  Here are some of the best foods that stave off hunger and keep you fuller for longer.

Top 15 Foods That Cut Down Cravings And Keep You Full Longer:

Being rich in fiber, oatmeal helps in keeping you fuller for longer. It also has protein which is an added bonus. Oatmeal is rich in both soluble fiber and insoluble fiber that check cholesterol levels and keep you fuller for longer at the same time.

The secret ingredient is protein that makes eggs not only yummy but also super filling. In addition, eggs are rich in vitamin D, high quality fat, iron and vitamin B12 that offer shield from various diseases. Egg whites contain more protein than calories so you can add more eggs without thinking twice.


Rich in both high quality protein and fiber, beans are a good way to fight food cravings at odd hours. Besides, beans contain antioxidants, iron and B vitamins that keep several diseases off the hook.


Pickles have SCFAs i.e. short-chain fatty acids that strengthen the brain-gut bond. These short-chain fatty acids stimulate such hormones that enhance appetite signaling by breaking blood-brain barrier. Also, being a fermented food pickles fill the gut with healthy probiotics that aid in digestion, reduce appetite and help you achieve weight goals.

Chili Powder

Although used in very less quantities, chili powder gives a much needed kick start to your slowing metabolism and reduces appetite by heat addition to the meal.   This is due to the presence of capsaicin in chili powder that boosts metabolism and controls appetite thereby enhancing satiety.

A slice of avocado can keep a bowl of snacks away from you. The amazing combination of fiber and monounsaturated fats in avocado helps in keeping you fuller. Oleic acid in send signals to the brain that the stomach is full and prevents you from overeating.


High in fiber (8 g) which is much more than in comparison to other , raspberries is a good hunger cracker and can be used as a perfect snack. It is also loaded with and antioxidants that fight aging and cancer.


Eating soup before meal eases appetite and enables you to eat lesser calories than you usually would. Since it contains more water it satiates you faster and for longer so that you can achieve ideal weight.


There are many health benefits of eating dark chocolate in moderate quantities and staving off hunger pangs is one of them. It curbs cravings for salty as well as sweet foods. It is also rich in magnesium which is needed for an active body.

Whey Protein

It stabilizes blood sugar levels and thus staves off untimely hunger. It also build lean muscle, kicks metabolism and aids in constant fat burning for better weight management.


Filled with fiber, apples are also your best friend when it comes to avoiding untimely hunger pangs and unnecessary weight gain. Pectin in apples stabilize blood sugar and reduce blood cholesterol.

or low-fat yogurt is another kind of food that satiates hunger for longer. Yogurt also contains healthy bacteria for healthy digestion and better weight loss.

Peanut Butter

If you are feeling hungry at odd hours then whole wheat cracker dampened with peanut butter is the way to go. It contains healthy fats that enhance satiety.


The key active agent in coconut milk that helps in satiating hunger is its medium-chain fatty acids. Also it is very low in calories (if you have not added sugar) so that your weight is in check.


Kale contains as high as 2 g fiber in its per cup serving. Besides, chewing kale involves more time and energy and in the meanwhile aids your body’s decision to find its fullness.

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