Top 15 Foods You Should Only Buy Organic

Purchasing organic foods might cost you a bomb. However, it is worth buying them rather than consuming foods injected with chemicals, hormones etc. which could otherwise lead to health issues followed by costly medications. Few research studies have demonstrated that chemical pesticides and other environmental toxins show adverse effects not only on an exposed animal but also for its next generations. Also, a group of research scientists even concluded that excessive use of such foods exposed to the toxins can damage the testosterone which can further destroy the male fertility. There are several other diseases associated with consuming such foods exposed to harmful toxins and a few of them are birth defects, DNA damage, cancer, dysfunction of the liver etc. So, whenever possible better go for organic foods.

Here Is The List Of The Top 15 Foods You Should Only Buy Organic:

, Soy products, :

Most of the foods such as tofu, edamame, and soy products are genetically modified. Consuming such genetically modified tofu, edamame etc. can lead to serious health concerns such as birth defects, infertility, sterility, allergies etc. All such health issues have increased up to five times after introduction of genetically modified foods in the diet. So, go for organic soy products.


The processed meat and its varieties contain lots of harmful preservatives, hormones etc. Consuming such varieties is associated with cancer and other serious health concerns. However, you can purchase organic meat even if they are highly priced as you can get a bunch of nutritional benefits.


Celery is an abundant source of potassium, B vitamins, fiber, etc. Consuming celery regularly helps in lowering the risks of developing heart disorders and blood pressure. However, conventional celery might contain carcinogenic pesticide. So, avoid it and try purchasing conventional asparagus, an excellent food ranked first among the clean produce list.


Tomatoes are a great source of lycopene and have lots of vitamin C essential for boosting your immunity. However, you need to choose organic ones as the conventional ones contain lots of toxic chemicals such as chlorothalonil, a carcinogen.


According to few studies, conventional grains are said to contain around 15 kinds of pesticide residues. They contain harmful toxins and carcinogens that lead to serious health issues. So, better purchase organic whole grains which are helpful in reducing the risks of developing strokes and heart disorders.


Delicious cherries are easy to snack. However, they are loaded with pesticides and toxic residues on their skin. These pesticides, cancer-causing compounds, and neurotoxins damage the nervous tissue. Cherries contain vitamin C, potassium etc. However, you need to choose the organic ones.


Processed cheese contains lots of toxins harmful for the health. Such non-organic cheese varieties are made using emulsifying agents for producing the final product. Such emulsifying agents include calcium citrate, monosodium phosphate etc. Also, the processed cheese comes from the cow’s milk that is injected with genetically modified hormones for a greater milk production. So, purchase the organic ones.


Apples are healthy foods to consume and are loaded with fiber that can help improve your digestive tract health. However, apples are also treated with pesticides. Such conventional apples contain traces of Thiabendazole, a carcinogen. So, better dump the conventional apples for the organic ones.


Cucumbers are an excellent source of nutrients and have a wide range of health benefits. It is must add-on to your salads. But, the conventional cucumbers are loaded with 35 kinds of pesticide residues and insecticides that are really toxic.

Hot Peppers:

Peppers contain capsaicin helpful in fighting cancer and relieving nasal congestion. But, the unconventional hot peppers contain a lot of pesticide residues including neurotoxins and carcinogens. So, go for organic hot peppers or instead as they are tested clean.


If you are consuming dairy, then you need to know that around 20% of milk in the U.S comes from the cows that are injected with a genetically-engineered hormone. You can get organic milk from cows that are fed with organic feed. Such cows are not given any growth hormones or antibiotic treatments. You can find certified organic ones marked with food safety standards.


Spinach contains vitamins and fewer calories. However, this superfood contains 48 pesticide residues including neurotoxins and carcinogens.


Grapes contain a healthy dose of manganese, iron, and calcium helpful for the production of tissues. Unfortunately, conventional grapes contain carcinogens Iprodione, captan. So, better purchase organic ones.


Peaches contain lots of antioxidants and fiber. However, the conventional ones contain around 62 pesticides that are carcinogens, neurotoxins etc. Be sure you pick the organic ones or purchase a conventional cantaloupe.


The unconventional ones contain neurotoxins which damage the vision, causes numbness in arms and legs etc. Go for conventional instead.

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