Top 15 Healthy Foods Rich In Selenium

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Selenium is an essential element required by human body in trace amounts. It helps maintain the proper function of thyroid gland and aids enzyme action at cellular level. A selenium rich diet is important to keep the body’s immune function healthy and for maintaining fertility in males. Having foods rich in selenium keeps heart disease at bay, corrects abnormalities in blood clothing and helps keep hair, muscles, joints and liver function optimal. Selenium is an important antioxidant that limits free radicals apart from helping in absorption of . Several meats and a range of vegetables and dairy products etc are natural sources of selenium.

Here Is A List Of 15 Natural Foods Rich In Selenium:

Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts top the list in selenium rich foods. Concentrations of selenium may vary but on an average each Brazil nut may provide 50 micrograms of selenium. Just two Brazil nuts a day can meet the daily selenium intake needs.


Poultry like chicken and turkey contain good amount of selenium. Chicken tops the chart and only 100 grams can fulfill 54 percent of daily selenium requirement. Chicken breast when roasted contains maximum selenium but chicken legs and stewed chicken are close contenders.


Seeds including sunflower, sesame and seeds are super loaded with selenium. Sunflower seeds have the highest selenium, a 100 grams serving containing about 113 percent of minimum required daily value. Flax seeds, seeds also have high selenium content in addition to protein and fiber.

Brown Rice

For people with gluten intolerance the high-fiber, vitamin rich and selenium loaded brown rice is a perfect alternative to the regular grains. A cup of brown rice provides more than 30 percent of daily selenium requirement.


Cooked oysters are extremely high in selenium. A 100 grams serving provides more than 200 percent of the daily requirement and having just one oyster can give you 55 percent of the daily value required.


Of green veggies, Broccoli counts amid those with highest selenium levels. Apart from the high fiber, antioxidants and minerals, Broccoli packs in 2.5 micrograms or 4 percent of daily values in just a cup-full quantity.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are a rich source of selenium and one ounce can contain as much as 15.5 micrograms or twenty percent of daily requirement. Combined with a high concentration of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, fiber, proteins, calcium and proteins they make for an excellent nutritional add-on to , smoothies or salads.

Chocolate lovers can source their selenium requirements from any form- hot chocolate, fudge, ice-creams or candies. In chocolates, unsweetened cocoa carries highest levels of selenium but milk chocolate and chocolate in different hot beverage forms is equally good.

Eggs are not only high in protein and important fatty acids like Omega 3 they also come packed with a decent dose of selenium. The selenium content depends on how they’re eaten. Two boiled eggs can fetch about 30 micrograms selenium.


Whole wheat and other fiber-rich varieties of bread like wheatgerm bread, barley, pita or oat bread etc, are a good selenium source. While a single whole wheat bread slice provides 16-19 percent of daily requirement in untoasted and toasted form, bread forms like dinner rolls, English muffins etc rank higher in selenium content.


Lentils offer good health in form of protein, oils, vitamins and selenium. Topping the lentil list in selenium content is legumes like Kidney beans and Lima beans, with peanuts and green peas coming a close second. Peanut or other nut butters have high concentration of selenium.


Tuna, particularly the yellow-fin tuna is an excellent source of selenium and a great choice for catching up on protein. Though concerns on mercury content make daily intake of Tuna inadvisable, about 42 mcg of selenium is bio-available in 100 grams Tuna. The selenium content may vary in fresh and canned options.

The high selenium level in cheddar, cottage and other cheeses is a healthy bonus to a tasty delight. Offering a vegetarian alternative to tuna and meats in selenium content, 100 grams of cheese contains as much as 18.9 micrograms of selenium.

White Button Mushrooms

White button mushrooms are low calorie but high in selenium. Half cup full of mushrooms provides 18 mcg amounting to 30-35 percent of daily selenium requirement. Other mushroom varieties like Shitake and brown mushrooms are also moderately selenium-rich.


Pork is astonishingly selenium-high. A single pork chop serves 54 percent of daily value and 100 grams of pork meat fetches no less than 51 micrograms that is 74 percent of the daily intake required. Selenium levels vary in minced, roasted and lean variants of pork.

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