Top 25 Amazing Power Foods That Make You Workout Ready

Workout sessions could be really tiring. With all the weight lifting, ab crunching and muscle training, your body might feel lack of energy from time to time. This happens ever more frequently for those who have just started hitting the gym – so much so that they might not feel like going for a workout from the next day. For sustained energy and recovering from all the stretch that your muscles go through, you need to rely on certain foods that help you get the most out of your workout session. Here are some amazing pre-workout power foods that make you ready for any sort of workout.

Brown rice

Rich in carbohydrates, brown rice in any form transfer fuel to the body muscles. Brown rice consists of sugars that are quickly absorbed by the body and supply fuel in limited time frame. Also, these replenish the glycogen stores in the body that were depleted during the workout.


This is one nut which stands the tallest when it comes to protein content. A protein rich diet is a must for strength training as it keeps hunger pangs away and without going too hard on the digestion process. If you eat a handful of peanuts after workout, it aids in repairing muscles and enhances muscle building process of the body.


Already a pretty popular ingredient in energy bars, chocolate chips especially those of dark chocolate stack up the antioxidant quotient of your body to prevent muscle soreness after an intense workout session. Besides, dark chocolate chips abound in epicatechins that enhance endurance and boost leg strength. In addition, the flavonols in dark chocolate boost blood circulation thereby replenishing tiring muscles.


It is rich in high quality slowly digested carbohydrate that release blood sugar into the bloodstream gradually so that you can keep on going during a workout session or a run. Also, contains beta-glucan (fiber) that delays the digestion process and supplies you with energy throughout the workout session.


An antioxidant rich alternative to the more popular workout food – raisins – dried blueberries provide the body with easily digestible carbs that fuel the muscles and provide much needed fiber for sustained energy during workout. It is also an amazing post-workout food as its polyphenolic compounds prevent oxidative stress in your muscles and thus combat inflammation, pain and soreness.

When you undertake intense muscle training you expose your body cells to damaging free radicals. Stack up your diet with antioxidant rich almonds which contains , phenolic acids and flavonoids that curb the damaging effect of harmful free radicals in your cells and thus prevent muscle cramps, sprains and aches.


These contain alpha-linolenic acid (plant based omega-3 fatty acids) that combat inflammation and thus prevent muscle soreness.


The active agent in apples is quercetin – an antioxidant compound – that boosts endurance during workout. Quercetin supplies much needed oxygen to lungs during a workout.


Behaving much like the popular painkiller Ibuprofen, turmeric reduces and relieves joint pain owing to its excellent anti-inflammatory properties.


Most people swear by sugar for instant energy especially after a workout session. Now you can switch to honey as a sugar alternative as it contains equal amounts of glucose and fructose that would keep your calorie count minimal. In addition, honey is loaded with antioxidants that would prevent muscle soreness.

The active agent in eggs that makes it a great workout food is amino acid leucine that kick starts muscle repair as soon as you are done with your regular workout routine.


The most common side effects of workouts are nausea and aches. Instead of reaching out for painkillers you can pour yourself a glass of ginger squash. Ginger contains anti-inflammatory properties that prevent muscle aches, joint stiffness, joint swelling and nausea.

Loaded with high quality fat-busting protein as well as fiber, edamame is a must add for every workout lover who long for sustained energy and fit body.


Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, this fish should form an inevitable part of every gym goer. Every 3 ounce of salmon contains as much as 22 g of high quality protein which is required for re-synthesis of muscle tissues after an intense workout session. Besides, it contains vitamin D which is a must for strong bones and muscles.

Regular workouts can put stress on your immune system and instances of respiratory tract infections among athletes are quite common. Yogurt contains probiotics that boost the immune system and also protein and carbohydrates that recover muscles and provide energy after a workout.


It aids in building hemoglobin as it is naturally rich in iron. Oysters thus aid in circulation of oxygen throughout the body. In the even that your body lacks in adequate oxygen, it accelerates production of lactic acid thereby making you tired easily. Oysters give you the energy so that you keep on going even after the 20th push up.


This is one of the most recommended pre-workout foods out there. It not only boosts endurance but also cut down muscle pains and aches.


Yet another popular ingredient in most energy bars, raisins provide chock full of energy replenishing carbohydrates along with potassium required for maintaining ideal fluid balance in the body. Thus raisins prevent you body from getting dehydrated and getting muscle cramps.


Rich in potassium than any other natural source possible, bananas gives a jolt to the potassium electrolyte levels in your body. It also provides you with quick energy after a workout session.

Tart cherries

Loaded with antioxidants, tart cherries neutralize harmful free radicals that cause aches, strains and sprains in the muscles after a workout.

Tomato Juice

Tomato juice replenishes sodium and potassium levels which you sweat out during a workout. In addition, tomatoes are naturally loaded with lycopene that have strong antioxidant properties to ward off inflammation that cause muscle pain and soreness.


Low in calories, pistachios are the smartest way to curb hunger pangs after an intense workout without putting on extra pounds.

Whey Protein

Its extensive popularity in the recent past is primarily due to its muscle building properties that also lead to much desired toned abs.


Packed with inorganic nitrates, beets act as precursors to Nitric Oxide 2 (NO) which is an eminent signalling molecule for proper functioning of our body. Besides, beets enhance the way skeletal muscle functions by acting as a vasodilator and increases flow of oxygen so that you do not have to push harder to reach that extra mile.


Loaded with Bromelain, an enzyme with anti-inflammatory properties, pineapples prove to be excellent post-workout snacks as they minimize and prevent sprains, bruises and even swelling in muscles. Besides, in pineapple aids in tissue repair.

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